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Why you Need an Online Restaurant Table Booking System in 2021.

Today, fine dining restaurants have become common to offer their online restaurant table booking system. Because of its numerous benefits and features, this service has become an essential component of any restaurant’s operation. While some types of restaurants still prefer first-come, first-come restaurants, most fine dining options, and casual restaurants organize their business through table reservations.

What Does it Mean by an Online Restaurant Table Booking System?

Restaurant table booking software lets guests reserve a table online and alerts owners to new reservations, cancellations, or no-shows. However, an online reservation system also may provide in-house table management and waitlist features to control occupancy levels or let you sell event tickets online. The Restaurant Booking System is a simple self-service table booking system that can be integrated into any website. You can streamline your booking process by allowing customers to book tables through your website 24 hours a day, seven days a week with our restaurant reservation system. Admins can manage reservations and restaurant availability at the same time.

Why Should You Invest in Online table booking app development?

Why Should You Invest in Online table booking app development

Offering a restaurant booking system could be a good way to increase demand for certain restaurants. Customers will always prefer to make a table reservation rather than arriving at the restaurant and facing a long waiting line because they are aware that there is a limited capacity of seats.

Table bookings are also a useful tool in competitive markets because they allow restaurants to “steal” market share from their competitors. Table bookings allow restaurants to more accurately estimate demand, which allows them to improve sourcing and staffing while also managing costs more efficiently.

Benefit of Online Table Booking System

Reduce the number of no-shows: Another significant advantage of using an online reservation system is that it reduces no-shows. You can be certain that the customer will appear because of the pre-ordering function.

Less work and fewer mistakes with reservations: The restaurant is also noisy, and the phone line is causing interference. In such cases, an online restaurant reservation system will come in handy. With a single click, each reservation can be accepted! You will save time and see all of the reservation details on the screen.

Greater guest experience: Your restaurant will be more appealing to customers as a result of the online booking system. You will create the image of a professional organization that is up to date on the latest trends for restaurant owners. Hire iOS Developers for maxim benefits of online table booking app development.

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How can Your Restaurant Reservation Software Earn Money? 

Your restaurant booking system will yield great results only if you and your mobile app development team have worked hard on it. You have invested the money to generate revenue that will help your company grow. Choose revenue models that will allow you to see those dollars coming in easily if you want to ensure that your business reflects exactly what you want.

  • On-Page advertisement
  • Commission on Every Online Reservation 
  • Restaurant Management System on a Monthly/Annual Subscription

Features of Your Restaurant online Table Booking system  

Features of Your Restaurant online Table Booking system

When experts create online restaurant table booking software, they ensure that your customers have a real-time booking experience through your business app. Some of the interesting features that must be included in the development process to make life easier for you and your customers are as follows: 

Reward Programs: Is there a more appealing way to entice customers to visit your restaurants?

Gift Cards: Choose your gift carefully. Receive with joy. People nowadays prefer Gift Cards to traditional gifts, and we couldn’t be happier about it.

Booking History: Having a Restaurant Booking System makes it much easier to check previous bookings whenever necessary.

Online Payment System: No more wasting time waiting for someone to clear the bill, which can only be done by customers themselves using the online payment system. As a result, things became less complicated.

Find & Explore: Tracing the restaurant’s location on the maps provided on the restaurant’s website or mobile app is much easier. It is also possible to investigate simple routes to the location.

Get Rewarded: Some restaurants have an amazing way of rewarding their customers for their loyalty and support to expand the customer base.

Manage Restaurant Reservation: Bookings and reservations can be made easily and conveniently 24 hours a day, seven days a week, as opposed to phone calls, which can only be made during operational hours. You must hire Flutter app development company.

Gain Access: You can grant portal access to staff members and employees based on their job requirements. This simplifies the process.

Share Your Experience: After visiting the restaurants, customers can share their experiences in the review section. In the event of a negative review, restaurants can make appropriate efforts to please the customer.

Types of Reservation Systems for Restaurants

There are two major types of reservation systems for restaurants. Let’s have a close look at each of them.

  1. Third-party reservation websites and mobile apps

Third-party reservation services work similarly to the marketplace workflow:

  • App developers put a lot of money into developing their apps.
  • Tables are encouraged to be listed by restaurants.
  • Restaurant patrons are targeted with advertisements for the app.
  • Users can look for restaurants, reserve tables, and make payments.
  1. Your own branded application for direct reservations

Branded restaurant booking apps usually work in one of two ways:

  • Users select the date and time of their reservation. However, they are unable to select a table. The restaurant manager is putting the finishing touches on the seating chart.
  • An interactive floor map allows users to select the date, time, and location of the table.

How Much Does an Online Table Booking System Cost?

The estimated cost and time to develop a restaurant online table booking app development could range from 7000 USD to 8000 USD. But, according to the number of platforms (iOS/Android/Web), an exact figure could range from $5000 to $35000, depending on the solution, technology selection, customization, and many other factors. Restaurant mobile applications with several facilities that meet the requirements.

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Conclusion – 

An online booking system is a tool that enables your restaurant to improve the work of your team, and most of all, to increase your income. Online reservations also provide a better customer experience in your restaurant.

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Please don’t hesitate to contact us! We will be more than happy to help!

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