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How Much Does It Cost to Develop a Restaurant Table Booking App like OpenTable?

Gone are those days, when you had to stand in a long queue to book a table in your favorite restaurant, as digital life has been extending to its limits, these no limitations on what can be achieved have given a rise to consumers extending needs and more comfort at fingertips. 

From flight booking to taxi booking to bus booking with all of these along the way has come the restaurant table booking. 

As of now, online platforms are running the world. We have apps for almost every possible thing one can imagine, it is not unusual to have a restaurant table booking app. 

What is a restaurant table booking application?

As they say, ‘food is love’ and a road to the human heart is through his stomach. But, looking for the right place to eat and there is no vacant table, is so annoying and also time-consuming. We all have witnessed people waiting for the vacant table in their favorite restaurants or cafes. And literally, the wait goes around for around 20-40 minutes to get to the table in restaurants or cafes.

That where the Restaurant table booking app development came into its existence. This app development is salutary for the present generation as with everything being digital across the globe, the changing demand of people is more towards the digital section. How can we leave Food out, right! It is the dining table that brings people together, any meal with employees, family, friends, keeps us intact and grows the relationship. 

What is OpenTable?

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OpenTable is a famous restaurant table booking app. It offers 52,000+ restaurants around the world so you can find a table in any restaurant you want with just a few clicks on your phone screen. It not only reserves but also modifies your reservation—anytime and anywhere. You can also send an RSVP to friends right from the app.

The OpenTable turned the tables in the major hubs like  in California, Washington dc, Miami, Philadelphia and many others. Acknowledging the popularity of OpenTable, don’t wait to have an app of your own like OpenTable, with a restaurant table booking app development company.

What does it take to develop a Restaurant Table Booking App?

Restaurant Table Booking mobile applications help in keeping things organized, to limit the number of open tables, as well as to reduce waiting time for the customers. 
Most of the restaurants are developing and maintaining an efficient and reliable reservation system. 

The way they streamline restaurant operations by going for online reservations, the relatable time-table, how they are managing the booking list and waiting list. It is a convenient and self-service app, that can be efficiently on any restaurant’s website. The reservation services are further helpful in customizing the process of booking, in enabling, the customers to book the table. In managing the restaurant’s availability and the reservations one needs to enable people to book through your website.

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How technology has influenced table reservation application development?

If we look past how we started with online reservations, it began with managers, hostesses, and the other clients, jotting down the names and time of the customers on the paper. This certainly was occupying a lot of time and was hectic, who would be occupied with some other work and will cut short the time. 
With the advancement in technology, things changed for the betterment. Today, more and more people are having constant access to the internet, and thus when we look into it, the app makes it easier. With this particular software, the trend emerged and it was a quicker response, people with the new software and the trend of online restaurant reservation emerged, and today people can easily make the booking on the app. 

Depending on the venue’s location, traffic, and staff one can choose the best online restaurant booking system for their restaurant. 

The perks of having a restaurant reservation system: 

There was a time when in the restaurant business going for an OpenTable was a hated term as it implies an empty field in the dining room. It was because the restaurant pays upfront for utilities food rent etc. and in any case, the customer doesn’t show up and if the seats remain unfilled it will signify a loss of profit, so to deal with this issue and to reduce the number of open tables in a restaurant, and to Limit the number of customers, the restaurant started going for or reservations and this was the reason restaurant table ordering app came into life. 

Given below are the perks which show how having a restaurant booking system is beneficial for owner, customer, and staff.

For the business owner: 

One has no idea about how busy the dining night can turn out to be., as it remains a completely unknown fact but when it is to take reservations,  it puts down a better idea in front of the owner of how busy actually the night is going to be.

And even in the case where there is a lesser number of reservations, the owner will come up with the idea of how to boost the market to encourage the customer to come up and invest in his business.

For the customers

Gone are those days where you had to stand in a long Queue and wait for your turn to show up,  it took a lot of time.  So by using the reservation app the trouble of waiting for a longer period or even waiting when you reach the restaurant has disappeared, the time slot certainly results in a happy customer.

One doesn’t need to wait for the call to be answered and they are allowed to express 24 by 7 and not just during operating hours,  it allows easy to read the reviews which help in deciding that the quality of food is worth going for or not. 

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Features that you need in your table booking app development:

Features that you need in your table booking app development

There are innumerable restaurants along with the app, the fact that your restaurant is better than the other and to make it stand out of the crowd you need to add features in your app some of the interesting features that must be the part of your app are given below.

  • Coupons and vouchers
  • Get rewarded
  • Reviews and Rating
  • Gift cards
  • Online payment system
  • History of booking
  • Travel-ready
  • Manage restaurants reservation 

The different sections that the portal should have are: 

User app Panel

  • Easy signup/ sign in
  • Browse restaurant
  • Restaurant search result
  • Restaurant page
  • Reservation booking
  • Request for private dining
  • Add to favorites
  • View  previous reservation
  • Preferences

Cost to Develop a Restaurant Table Booking App like OpenTable?

The cost of a restaurant table booking app depends upon the features and complexities in the app, otherwise, the location and the developers and the number of hours given in developing the app are different factors too. Get a free quote with us.

Final words:

Over time the online system has taken over the market, it has achieved the milestone, now the companies Hire mobile app development company in USA to develop an app for their every need, and this turns out to be beneficial for customers, staff, and the owners. 

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An app like OpenTable has been top-notch. 

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