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We live in an ever-changing world and what drives us is, innovation and new technologies, may it be small or large scale company, everyone wants their brand to reach the maximum number of audiences irrespective of their device’s screen size. To meet such requirements comes progressive web app development (PWA).

What progressive web app development is?

Progressive Web Apps are web apps that use emerging web browser APIs and details along with a progressive strategy to bring native app-like user experience to the cross-platform and cross-browser web application. In other words, progressive web app development is a combination of Native apps and web technology.

They are-
  • Fast and reliable – it loads immediately, eradicates network dependence, and ensures instant and reliable experience for users.
  • Installable– it corresponds to any mobile, tablet, or web device and requires complicated installations.
  • Network independent- it works offline too, without interrupting the connection between your brand and customers.
  • Responsible– it is absolutely responsive, works on multi-devices it maintains interaction with users and gives a robust performance.
  • Linkable– with a major advantage over native applications, which still lag behind websites in searchability, PWAs are highly likable and easy to search.
  • Progressive– like its name it is progressive, it’s a blend of most modern web technology with mobile-like experience.
  • Safe– unlike regular native apps PWA works on an HTTPS server, this prevents any man-in-the-middle-attacks and secures all sensitive information of your content.

ThinkStart is a prominent Progressive web app development company, renounced in World, we create applications by ensuring seamless performance, innovative ideas, indistinguishable to that of the native mobile applications with an aim to maximize user engagement and experience. Our developer frame PWA by using resources such as- HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and beyond.

Our PWA development services are:-
  • Custom Progressive App Development.
  • Responsive Web App development.
  • Progressive Web Design.
  • Application Architecture.