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Enter The Growing Industry With A Next-Generation Short Video-Sharing App Like Kurafat.

Short video app development has revolutionized the world. You need a video making app these days when you want to make short videos in order to entertain others and prefer short video apps. There are numerous advantages to using short video app.

It is used for entertainment, marketing, advertising, making money online, experimenting with creativity, and quickly gaining popularity. Short Video Apps have grown in popularity because they provide everyone with an equal opportunity to become famous around the world and among people based on their creativity and skills.

It has overtaken the Indian market a well, and we some major players in this area, one of them is the kurafat app. let’s see what it’s all about, but first, 

What is Kurafat?

Kurafat is an Indian short video sharing app owned by ThinkStart Pvt Ltd. It includes special effects, short videos, emoticons stickers, and genres such as dance, travel, singing, acting, comedy, and education, with durations ranging from 15 seconds to one minute.

This Short Video App is Made in India, and it has taken people by storm to leverage the depth of Indian culture and heritage. Supporting multiple languages and stunning filters with amazing editing options, Kurafat has become India’s Biggest short video app.

Kurafat’s Most Admired Features

The following are the app’s success factors:

  • Short content: Making a 15-second video is a piece of cake. The content is ideal for today’s short-attention-span generation.
  • Young Targeted Audience: Kurafat is a favorite app among users aged 16 to 24 – an age of social media and smartphone addiction.
  • Celebrity-Like Feeling: Kurafat makes users feel like celebrities, piquing their interest in creating videos and growing their fan base.
  • Money-making: Kurafat has become a financial machine, thanks to its features, for users working together with marks to promote content, win competitions and receive gifts during the live stream.

How to Create a Short Video-Sharing App Like Kurafat

How to Create a Short Video-Sharing App Like Kurafat

Most would-be app developers begin by developing an MVP (application with basic functions). When they see some success with their basic product, they begin to add new and advanced features. Similarly, before developing a Kurafat like app, you should consider the basic, essential features that should be included in your app.

Functionalities Required To Develop Kurafat- Like Mobile App

  • User Interface: To allow users to interact with the app in a fun and easy way.
  • Social Sharing Feature: This feature lets users share their video/image content with others, use the music library to create their videos, and follow/like/comment on videos/images.
  • Music Library: There are several music and movie dialogues available in the music library for the users to create videos using them.
  • Special Effects: This feature allows users to select filters, stickers, and other fun elements to create magical clips.
  • Video Streaming: Video-Sharing App Like Kurafat uses a broadcasting server to stream videos on users’ devices until the time they watch them. Cloud servers are necessary for integrating the video streaming feature in an app. Cloud capability helps apps to scale when they want.
  • Geolocation: This lets users find broadcasts according to their specific country or location. Integrating geolocation in an app allows the app to live stream content based on the users’ location.
  • Push Notification: Sending notifications to users is essential to let them know what’s happening in the kurafat world or who commented, liked, shared their videos, or anything new.
  • Real-Time Analytics: This feature is crucial for admin users as you get to know the live viewers and video creators graphically, plus you can see/remove the flagged videos.

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Kurafat- Like Video-Sharing Application Development Features

Kurafat- Like Video-Sharing Application Development Features

1. Register / Login

The primary feature of any mobile app is the ability for users to log in or sign up. In order to accommodate lazy users, you can also provide direct sign-in via social media accounts such as Gmail, Facebook, and Twitter.

2. Edit Profile

Edit Profile Users may become lazy during the initial sign-up process, but when it comes to designing a beautiful profile, they want customized options to create a profile that fits their personality. Hire UI/UX Designer to add stunning visuals to your app development.

3. Upload Video

This is the most important feature of a video-sharing app – a feature that allows users to either upload premade videos or create their own videos in the app and upload them.

4. Social Sharing

Users can freely share all of their videos on social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, WhatsApp, and others.

5. Likes, Comments, and Followers

This is another important feature of short video-sharing apps. like Facebook, can be liked and commented on by viewers. They can also follow the person or brand who is making the videos.

6. Notifications

To keep users coming back to your app, the app must send them a push notification. You must notify users whenever their favorite creator posts a new video. This brings them back frequently, never allowing them to forget about the app – a surefire way to create an addictive app.

7. Video Editing

Similar to Snapchat, a short video app should provide an impressive editing toolkit, including AR effects for changing the color of the face, eyes, and hair. It also includes stickers, masks, and other animated objects to add a fun element to the video.

8. Live Streaming 

A premium feature of any short video app is live streaming. It enables video creators to go live and receive virtual goods – from their viewers.

9. Soundtracks

Users can search for and add their favorite songs from the built-in music library to their short-video collection.

10. Duet option

The Duet Option feature is popular among users who enjoy making videos and lip-syncing to music. The feature invites users to collaborate on duet videos with other users, adding explanatory text.

Steps to Create Video-Sharing Clone Application Development

Steps to Create Video-Sharing Clone App Development

If you’ve decided to create a video-sharing clone app and become a part of your users’ daily lives, here are some steps to get you started as soon as possible.

1. Identify and research your target market

The first step in creating an app is to identify your target audience and learn more about them by following the steps outlined below:

  • Demographic Profile: Discover your target audience’s average age, where they live, what devices they use, and so on.
  • Patterns of Behavior: It entails recognizing users’ increasing and decreasing desires for the app. Slow-speed apps are rapidly eroding my attention span and patience. There is little tolerance for security concerns. Concerns about app utility, etc.

You must create a buyer persona, which is a detailed picture of your ideal users, in order to create a better Short Video-Sharing app that responds to their desires and needs.

2. Choose a Model of Monetization

Once you’ve figured out who your future customers are, you can start deciding on the best app monetization strategy for them, which is outlined below:

  • Fundraising: At the start of your project, you can raise funds through fundraising. It entails locating individuals and businesses willing to donate money to your app.
  • In-App Purchases: Users use real money to purchase virtual currency in a video-sharing clone app to support live broadcasters. This currency can be exchanged for gifts. You can create more similar options for making money through in-app purchases.
  • Advertising: You can earn money through various advertising models such as Cost Per Click, which charges users every time they interact with the app. Cost Per Mille – a fee charged to advertisers for every 1000 impressions on their ad. Cost Per Action (CPA) is a method of charging advertisers for specific actions such as app installation or newsletter signup.

When you’ve decided on your app monetization model, you can begin the app development process

3. Hire Mobile App Developers Team

You must Hire Mobile App Developers Team to turn your idea into a reality if you have sufficient knowledge of prospective users and monetization.

In general, an app development team consists of:

  • Business Analyst: to analyze your company’s operations in preparation for the app
  • The project manager’s role is to guide the team toward the app’s goal.
  • UI/UX Designer: to create the app’s design.
  • Android/iOS Developer: responsible for the app’s development.
  • Back-end programmers
  • QA Engineer: to test and deliver the app To the app stores, it is bug-free.

Looking for a mobile app development company? 

If you are interested in developing short video-sharing apps, we got the right developing partner for you – ThinkStart Pvt Ltd: a leading mobile and web app development company, which is also the company behind the development of the Kurafat app.

 With a team of expert experienced developers, talented project managers, and creative UI/UX designers, ThinkStart has proven experience in developing powerful apps with a highly secure technology foundation and the smoothest performance, which count for a seamless user experience.  

Feel free to contact us for more information and details – [email protected].

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