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Predict 2021: What is the Future of Flutter App Development?

Mobile app technology is the massive revolution of today’s world, every feature, decides the fate of your mobile application. Selecting the right technology is very critical for a successful mobile app. 

What is Flutter?

Flutter is Google’s open-source UI toolkit to develop cross-platform apps using a single codebase. In other words, it’s an extensive app Software Development Kit (SDK), detailed with widgets and tools.

With Flutter app development, developers can create seamlessly-performing native apps for iOS, Android, and web platforms. This Google’s Flutter platform keeps a single codebase for developing various apps.

Why flutter?

Flutter is a game-changer in the cross-platform application development world. It provides the best app development services. The platform proposes enormous features that help in developing stunning mobile applications look wise with a promising user experience, and is faster. With the huge rise in Flutter’s popularity in the past couple of years, there is a prediction that the sensation will continue to move forward in 2021 and in coming years too.

What Flutter is use for? 

Flutter is an easy-to-use and exceptionally influential language for new and learned app developers. Flutter is used to develop the most robust cross-platform apps, and it is the most prominent platform for developing Android and iOS applications.

Developers around the world is embracing the Flutter app development as it offers number of benefits and the capabilities to do so much more.

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What makes Flutter stand out of the box?

Flutter comes with a variety of widgets and tools, and what makes flutter stand out of the box is its amazing features – 

  • It is open-source.
  • It is establish on Dart – a fast, object-oriented programming language. 
  • Its architecture is based on the prominent reactive programming.
  • It Reduces code development time.
  • It has its own rendering engine.
  • High Integration, Flexibility, and Scalability Capabilities.
  • It has Flexible UIs. 
  • Fast and simple development.
  • Suitable for Cross-platform Application Development.

Is Flutter the future of App Development?

Is Flutter the future of App Development_

Yes, Flutter is the future of mobile app development, and here’s why- 

1. One-stop, one solution, one code

Flutter app development furnishes a one-stop, one solution to develop, deploy, manage and change with a single code base. Therefor It means that you can built a powerful UI, station them in the system, and if you struggle with any bugs or changes, they are identified as well as easily fixed from Flutter.

2. Programming language: Dart

Flutter is based on Google’s programming language- “Dart”- Dart is a sorted language and an impressive tool for building applications.

Dart is a beautifully designed language possessing the best satisfactory features of other languages, which makes it an excellent choice for developers. It is easy to maintain and secures the seniority of the application. Moreover, it can be easily adopted by developers experienced with C#, Java, and Typescript. 

3. Pocket friendly app development 

Flutter app development allows you to develop an app that perfectly runs on multiple platforms comprising iOS, Android, Windows, Web, and Desktop, by backing its single codebase ability. 

The app development using Flutter is pocket friendly as in the single cost of hiring the Flutter app development company, you can develop a cross-platform app with just a single code.

4. Hot reloading features 

Hot reload is the main central feature of the Flutter development. In addition to this, the changes you make in the source code will be indicated instantly in the running application without amassing the source code again or restarting it. This considerably enhances the development process and time for the developers.

5. Easy availability of plugins

Flutter offers a vast choice of free-to-use plugins and widgets, to create excellent cross-platform applications. That energizes the whole process of app development. Likewise, it also empowers you with an avant-garde UI tool kit, which makes the process of app development more affluent and detailed and it eradicates the need of incorporating any other elements.

6. MVP at it’s best with Flutter

Flutter is ideal to obtain while building a minimum viable product (MVP) for your business as it fastens up the development process and amplifies a striking UI design layout.

7. 2D Imensions Flare

Animations has became a cakewalk with the 2Dimensions Flare, which is given rise by Flutter. Flare is a vector-based animation tool used for creating unique UI designs and gaming apps. Furthermore, you can create interactive animations and designs inside the app with the help of 2Dimensions flare.

8. One code for front-end and back-end development. 

Dissimilar from the native app coding, where you have to sustain diverse files for front-end and Back-end development. Besides this with Flutter you can use a single language -Dart, that looks after both, front-end and back-end development. 

9. Own Rendering Engine

Flutter enables you to do so much more with your apps that are not accessible on other platforms. It compels the framework to be really significant and powerful. 

Flutter uses Skia for rendering onto a platform-provided canvas. With the built-in engine of flutter, UI created is launched on virtually any platform. 

10. The Potential and Ability to work Beyond Mobile app development 

However, Flutter is not just limited to mobile app development. With Flutter, you can go far beyond just app development on mobile. There is also Flutter for Web and Flutter Desktop lodge now.   

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Trending apps that work on the Flutter Framework:

Trending apps that work on the Flutter Framework

Here is some ingenious apps that are built by using Flutter framework, as follows-

  • Google Ads
  • Xianyu by Alibaba
  • Reflectly
  • Hamilton
  • Watermaniac
  • PostMuse
  • SpaceX Go

Apart from the success of these, they share a common framework. It’s time that you should try flutter too.

Reasons to Choose Flutter for Mobile App Development | Hire Flutter Developers

Conclusion – 

Flutter became one of the most prominent and outstanding frameworks in a very short time of its release in the year 2017. Hence it is Love by all and use by many, may it be a startup, small, medium, or a large business, Flutter is the first and right choice. 

If you ask me, is the future of Flutter mobile apps development? I will say yes, yes, and yes. Wooing every developer with not only its features but also with its capabilities that are needed to develop high-performing mobile apps, flutter has made its place in the market and it holds the future of app development for sure.

To harvest all the benefits of this amazing framework, it is good to hire a mobile app development company that can handily comprehend your all business requirements and can boost the digital presence of your business in the best way possible. 

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