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How to Build an Educational App Like BYJU’s / SoloLearn for Students and Kids!

Our education system is presently facing one of the massive evolution’s of the era. COVID-19 has transformed the skin of many industries and the education sector is not untouched. But the good news is, students can learn practically everything on their smartphones with the eLearning app development. They can access essential resources at any time and from anywhere.

However, with the welcoming changes steered by smartphones in the latest technologies, the educational sphere is being greatly transformed nowadays.

The altering scenario is deliberately creating new recourse for education app development companies to come up with innovative ideas using contemporary technology and transform this adversity into an opportunity.

How Educational App like BYJU’s/ SoloLearn Have Changed The Education Industry?

In this digital-savvy world, the trendy mobile apps rule over the archaic education system. When we blend technology and education, it brings out the modern as well as an effective source of learning.

Since the world is moving towards total digitization, the education sector is not left behind. With the evolution of mobile apps, there has been a revolution in the education system. 

BYJU’s – the learning app: flipped the coin:

The app says “fall in love with learning”, this app flipped the coin in the educational system. This app offers the best teachers while using state of the art technology for visualization.

BYJU’s has a newly amassed WhiteHat Jr to enlighten coding to kids all over the world.  Their app empowers all the e-learning app features that enable you to triumph all concepts right from High School Foundation Class 6-12 Math and Science to Competitive Exam Preparation like JEE, AIPMT, CAT, and IAS.

SoloLearn – the coding app: turned tables: 

Sololearn is an app dedicated to helping people learn to do coding. Despite its name, it is all about learning together, and receiving the help you need from the professional. The app is as much a series of courses as it is a social network, allowing communication with other users on every lesson.

Educational app like BYJU’s and SoloLearn have made huge changes in the education industry, made it easy to learn and at the very comfort of the home. Breaking the old pattern of education, these apps have brought a new ray of hope in the education sector proving that nothing is unachievable.

Advantages of eLearning Mobile App Development-

Advantages of eLearning mobile app development

New Learning Methods:

The introduction of mobile applications in the education field has guided the introduction of new learning methods. There are fun games available on mobile apps that relinquish the students into a healthful thought process and assist them to understand things better, from a different viewpoint.

Enhanced interactive Interactions: 

Interaction is one of the most important aspects of education. Professionals say that apps in education can make youngsters more interactive and activate better engagement between parents and children. 

The most beneficial way is to connect with the children while they are using the applications. The goal is to have kids proactively learn on their own, and have fun while studying.

Round the clock availability: 

These apps provide wide flexibility to study at your favorite hours of the day. Unlike school, mobile applications are available round the clock. One need not to be fussed about schedules. Any place can be a classroom. There are no timing or location restrictions. App learning is not time-bound learning, it’s flexible learning.

Systematic Learning: 

Learning should be smart and systematic and educational apps enable both things together. The whole content on an education app is organized in such a way that improves the student’s desire to learn more things and that too in a systematic and organized manner.

These education apps promote systematic learning and entitle students to learn with a new perspective and analyze their interests at their own pace.

Portability and Mobility:

Mobile phones are portable. Notably, with the education apps, learning is not just hindered, gone are the days when studying was only limited to classrooms or homes.

 Students and parents can take mobile phones anywhere, and use education apps in any location in which their child feels comfortable. Students can use them anywhere they like.

Ease of Communication:

There are many innovative and creative, educational apps that help to solidify an easy communication network between students, teachers, and parents. Since they all work together it is important to have good communication to enhance the overall performance of the students and thereby improve the efficacy of the educational system.

Track the Progress:

Educational apps are furthermore advantageous for parents as it facilitates them to tail their child’s study development and guide them likewise.

The Educational app like BYJU’s permit the users to track their improvement, which is of course one of the most vital things that everyone should know. Educational apps make it easy to track overall or individual subject betterment and improve thereafter.

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Essential Features of Educational eLearning App Development-

Essential Features of eLearning App development

Here are some of the ideal features of e-leaning apps: 

Video-based Content:

An educational app like BYJU’s is one such platform where a student can view as well as listen to the pre-recorded lectures and chapter-wise lessons published by teachers and professors. With this way, students get easy access to the classroom at any time of the day. And learning comes with comfort and more understanding.

Live Tutorials and  Sessions:

One of the primary features of an educational app is Live Tutorials and Interactive Sessions, which entitle the students to enroll in live lectures and teaching sessions of their respective teachers/ professors of any particular subject if they have missed any.

Interactive learning:

To make learning interactive is important to create an interesting environment for students to learn. Some essential factors that you require to keep in mind:

  • The content should be mobile-friendly.
  • The content should be based on target audiences.
  • The content must encompass fun facts and interesting stats to conserve the student’s interest.
  • Content should be apparent (easy to understand) and worthy of reading 
  •  Not every student is not a quick learner, make sure the content reaches out to them is easy yet effective.


It is highly advised to develop an app in multiple languages as it will help you to enhance the understandability of the students as well as modify the reach of the audience. If an app is substantiating content in only one language, then the target audience will be limited.

Offline Mode:

The availability of a reliable Internet connection can sometimes be a topic of concern, primarily in countries that are a little behind on the Internet spectrum. Therefore, the app must be eligible for offering an offline mode, wherein students can download the modules and study even offline.

Push Notification:

Push notification is deemed as an essential part of almost every on-demand services app. The app, with the aid of push notifications, helps you furnish extensive information or pragmatic steps to be taken in the future.

Student/Parent Dashboard:

The adaptable education applications help in boosting parents, teachers, and student engagement. Hire the top mobile app development company that puts the best ingredient of the eLearning application for teachers is the examination dashboard, which gives data in a graphical illustration for better and rapid analysis. 

Conclusion: Education Apps the future of learning-

With the introduction of technology, the ancestral art of learning has gone through some huge changes. 

Mobile phones are not a luxury anymore they are a necessity. The majority of students in developed countries are smartphone owners. which paves the way for educational apps making learning fun and interactive and easily accessible.

To reach to the top in the e-learning sectors you may wanna consider to hire an Android developer team or an iOS one to craft the best app for you.

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