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Everything You Need to Know about Fantasy Sports App Development in 2022

Fantasy sports apps have transformed the world of mobile app development. People aged 18 and up, on average, are obsessed with one or more fantasy sports apps.

According to a Statista survey, more than 85% of fantasy sports gamers prefer to play games via apps, while only 7% and 8% prefer to play fantasy sports on desktop and mobile/website, respectively.

You will be surprised to learn how fantasy sports apps have influenced the global mobile app development market. But first and foremost.

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What is a Fantasy Sports App? 

A fantasy sports app is a platform where online sports are played in which players form a virtual team with real players who were physically present at that location. Users create their own online team with the players who are playing in the stadium by using a fantasy sports app. In this case, victory or defeat was entirely dependent on the team’s physical performance in the stadium. Let us look at how fantasy sports work.

How Fantasy Sports App Works

The workflow of a fantasy app looks something like this:

  • Select a Match: After logging in and verifying their OTP, users can select a match of their choice.
  • Form a Team: The next step is to form a team based on the game’s requirements. For example, if a user chooses football, they will need a team of 11 players. A team can be formed in a variety of ways. Serpentine, auction-based, and offline drafting is the most commonly used methods.
  • Captain: The team’s captain is chosen by the users.
  • Team Division: According to the game’s rules, the user forms multiple teams. Virtual players can also join a team of their choosing.
  • Team Management: Users can change their teams at any time during the game.
  • Reward Distribution: Points are awarded to players based on their performance. The team with the highest points is the winner.

What is the Business Aspect of Fantasy Sports App Development?

What is the Business Aspect of Fantasy Sports App Development

Even from a business standpoint Sports App Development is a fantastic way to invest. The revenue-generating business model also ensures earnings through brand partnerships, contest sponsors, advertisements, and entry fees. Cricket and football are receiving a lot of attention as the market for fantasy sports applications grows.

The market size of Fantasy Sports Business:

  • Fantasy Sports had a global market size of USD 18,040 million in 2019 and is expected to reach USD 43,370 million by the end of 2026, with a compound annual growth rate of 13.2 percent between 2021 and 2026. Advertising is a significant source of revenue.
  • America is the largest market for Fantasy Sports, with a revenue market share of more than 58 percent, and Europe is the second-largest market in the world, with a revenue market share of about 14 percent.
  • As virtual players, 19% of females and 81 percent of males participate in fantasy sports.
  • Over half of the players are between the ages of 18 and 34.
  • A fantasy sports player spends an average of $556 on league-related expenses.
  • 47 percent of virtual gamers earn more than $75,000 per month.

Features of Fantasy Sports App Development 

Features of Fantasy Sports App Development

Here we list the desirable features that you need to enable for building an ideal fantasy sports mobile app.

User Panel

1. Registration/Login

2. Home Screen

3. Payment Mode

4. Player information

5. Create and join Contest

6. My Contest

7. Create custom fantasy teams

8. User Dashboard

9. My Settings (Invite & Earn, CMS Section, profile name, etc)

10. Online wallet integration

11. User authentication and more

Admin Panel

1. Admin Login

2. Dashboard

3. User Manager

4. Manage Matches

5. Manage Games Category

6. Contest Manager

7. Manage Payment

8. Manage Reward Points

9. Manage Earnings and Cash Bonus

10. Transactions and reporting

Emerging Features that can be Incorporated in a Fantasy Sports App Development

Artificial Intelligence Based Algorithm – When combined with the fantasy sports mobile app, the AI-based algorithm allows administrators to set multiple chances or odds. Machine Learning allows your app to work on behavioral patterns, which will undoubtedly take your application to the next level.

Live Streaming of Video – The live streaming feature is an excellent way to monetize your app. You can include the feature in the premium version of your app so that users can watch the match live and receive all updates. You can also provide match highlights by showing short videos to increase re-engagement.

Chatbot API Integration – Custom BOT API for any fantasy game can be easily integrated by an experienced on-demand app development company. It will allow the administrator to collect the necessary and important information about players, groups, and so on.

AR/VR to Offer a Life-like Environment – Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality are enabling users to immerse themselves in a life-like environment. Sports companies are experimenting with smart glasses and 3D projections to engage and entertain users

Blockchain-Based Transaction –You should use Blockchain technology as the owner of a fantasy sports app to standardize and secure the transaction process. It will empower both players and admins.

Real-Time Analytics – Users have become more demanding in recent years. They want real-time analytics that will assist them in improving performance. Consider including features like activity analysis and live tracking in your fantasy app to increase user engagement.

How to Start a Fantasy Sports Business?

How to Start a Fantasy Sports Business?

If you want to start a fantasy sports business, you are in a profitable business. Because many business experts believe that fantasy sports apps will be a profitable business model in 2021.

We’ve compiled a list of some of the most important factors to consider when launching a successful and ideal fantasy sports business.

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1. Decide the Objectives of your fantasy sports business

Before you begin your fantasy sports business, you must first determine your business objectives and keep the revenue model in place. If you want to improve your branding. Then, make certain that you have all of the necessary elements for engaging your users.

2. Market Research

This is an important step and one of the most important factors in your fantasy sports business’s success. Market research and analysis are critical components in any fantasy sports business model for staying up to date on the latest features and trends.

3. List out the sports & league to be included in your app

Once you’ve decided on a business plan for fantasy sports. The leagues/contests and sports must then be listed. MBA, NFL, IPL, and other leagues, In addition, sports such as cricket, football, basketball, and more.

4. Determine the Right Engagement Platform

In this step, you must decide whether you will create a fantasy sports mobile app or a fantasy sports website. You must also decide between android or iOS development, or you can also Hire flutter app developers for sports app development

5. Set Game Rules & Format

After you’ve chosen a development company, you’ll need to decide on the rules and format for your app. Because, after all, you are the owner of your fantasy sports app. So, first and foremost, you must ensure that your users are constantly engaged.

6. Hire a Top-rated Fantasy Sports App Development Company

If you’d like to create a fantasy sports app or website. Then you will require the assistance of a professional fantasy sports app development company. Because they have a team of experts dedicated to creating a high-quality fantasy sports app.

How much does Fantasy Sports App Development Cost?

Several factors now influence the cost of developing a fantasy sports app, including:

  • The platform for app development (Android or iOS)
  • Complications in app development
  • Third-party APIs for the features you want to include in your app.
  • Components of the user interface and user experience (UI/UX)
  • Size of the app development team
  • The number of hours required to create an app
  • Area of app development

Many of the factors mentioned above will have a significant impact on the average cost of developing a fantasy sports app. It could cost anywhere between $10,000 and $20,000, or even more if you want it built on various devices and advanced features.

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Conclusion – 

If you have an interest in profit-making a startup or an entrepreneur. Then you should consider investing in fantasy sports app development to make money. As of now, the fantasy sports app sector is one of the most popular, with tremendous growth in recent years

Looking for a Fantasy Sports App Development Company?  

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