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How to Start a Courier Delivery Services Business like FedEx!

As in the world of the internet, the advancement of online business has improved by the speed of light. On-demand mobile app development has revolutionized enterprises across numerous sectors by giving rise to automation and simplifying processes.

These services aim at automating the operations of a shipping and logistics domain, and on-demand delivery applications can help these services achieve this objective.

Courier delivery is one of such businesses that has also transformed due to the repercussions of on-demand services.

What is FedEx?

FedEx Express is a door-to-door pickup and delivery service. FedEx Express developed express transportation and remains the industry’s global leader, delivering quick, responsible, time-saving delivery to more than 220 countries and territories, attaching markets that encompass more than 99% of the world’s gross domestic product.

Interested in starting a courier delivery service like FedEx? Here, how you can do it – 

How to build an on-demand courier delivery app?

After going through key business prototypes, let’s comprehend the courier delivery app’s procedure. We discuss every step of an on-demand courier delivery app here :

Choose a suitable business model-

The first step is to choose the most adequate business model.  the major business models that are used in the on-demand courier delivery business. You must select whether you will be opting for a branded merchant shipping app, postal service app, or parcel delivery app.

Specify your business goals and requirements-

There’s more to commencing a courier delivery app development than just developing a mobile app. You need to understand the specifics, resources, and requirements of your business model.

The different types of courier delivery app:

Postal and Courier Service App-

FedEx is the best example of a postal courier app. They rely completely on mobile apps to keep their business swirling. Real-time tracking and management are apparent for them, even for same-day deliveries. A unique admin panel amplifies the many benefits.

Real-time Tracking App-

The real-time tracking app is helpful for tracking. Here, an easy one-view is at the display by collecting data from all diverse member carriers. The courier company now needs a sole app to track every consignment. Customers get informed about their orders simultaneously.

Branded Delivery-

 firms use courier delivery service apps that comprise customer success and order tracking features. Branded deliveries are often made by merchandisers to the customer’s doorsteps. Here the customer’s ease of tracking dispatches, locations, and delivery connotation is a benefit. It acts in the brand’s service, as they are selling the client what other brands/ retailers are not. 

Parcel Delivery-

Companies are dynamic. They are always striving for ways to thrive in new endeavors. adding service that customers can benefit from ultimately with the help of a parcel delivery app.

How Courier Delivery App Works?

Getting request- You can get the request from the client to deliver the courier.

Accepting request- It facilitates one of your delivery vendors to accept the request for further action.

Pick up- The delivery person picks up the courier or package from the source-destination spoken of by your clients.

Live tracking of parcel- Your clients can track the package or parcel in real-time using the app.

Online payment- It enables your clients to pay through easy online methods.

Delivery receipt- At the end of the process, you can get the delivery evidence from the client in the form of OTP (one-time password) or a digital signature.

Reviews and ratings- This is the ultimate step that enables your client to give reviews or feedback and ratings for courier delivery services.

Important Things to Take Into Consideration While Having the Courier Delivery App Development:

  • An easy-to-use user interface.
  • Various integrated payment gateway alternatives.
  • Real-time navigation and tracking monitoring.
  • In-the-charge 24/7
  • A record of all the courier bookings online.
  • Works both online and offline in all network areas.
  • Use GPS for precise and real-time navigation of the courier.
  • Bringing out the quality for money to the customers
  • Safe and Secure.

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Must-have features for courier delivery services business:

features for courier delivery services app development

To develop a Courier delivery application for your courier business, you can start building a functional specification. It should be created in a way that your all business needs are fulfilled seamlessly. Here, ate some must-have features to ensure the success of your business model- 

Admin Chat-

This is one of the most vital features of courier delivery service apps. Admin can effortlessly chat with the clients and delivery agents at once to enhance the quality of courier service and strengthen customer gratification

Real-time Tracking-

Another essential feature is the real-time tracking of the package. It can be a game-changer for your parcel and courier delivery business. You can incorporate this feature in all three versions of the courier delivery app- admin, user, and driver. In the client’s version, the user can trace the location of their package in real-time.

Push Notification-

Can you imagine an on-demand delivery app without this feature? We cannot! Your clients can get live updates and real-time delivery status through push notifications. The app can deliver notifications for the recent stage, figured time of delivery, and a modification in the route or time of delivery. Also, notifications comprising the driver’s information can be sent.

Review and Ratings-

Customers can rate your services and give you their helpful feedback all thanks to this feature. You can execute important recommendations and enhance your services through feedback. Furthermore, this feature also makes your app more famous in app stores because prospective app users can find good ratings and reviews for your app.

Payment Gateway-

eCommerce or other online delivery apps integrate payment gateways in the app. It furthermore helps the customer’s in multiple ways. You can encompass features like top-up wallets, pay later, credit plans. You can likewise award them the privilege to make cash-on-delivery payments.

Help and Support-

This is another must-have feature for your courier delivery app. App users or customers can handily contact the help desk in case of an unprecedented delay in the delivery of parcels or other associated issues. This feature can increase the trust factor considerably, and you can have a faithful customer base.

How much does Courier delivery app development cost?

The cost is the last element for your delivery app. The complexity of the app and the platform it runs on influence the final price of the courier delivery app.

The estimated cost for a courier delivery app development is somewhere $6000 to $40000.

The following are some cost deciding factors:

  • The mobile platform: iOS, Android, or both
  • App marketing
  • Functional features 
  • Is it support or a base service?
  • Advanced features involved

All these factors are interconnected. It would be best if you contemplated your budget to conclude the cost, as the cost may vary accordingly.

Wrapping up- 

Developing an app is not an easy task. It’s a burdensome process for many. The entire world is going digital, what are you waiting for? 

If you need any development services we are here for you. If you need experienced and pioneers who build on-demand courier apps. You can hire iPhone developers or Android ones.

Or you can hire a Top mobile app development company in California like ThinkStart Private Limited. With experienced developers and the latest tech stack, we know how to translate your app development into a success. 

For more details contact us at – [email protected].


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