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How Much Does It Cost To Develop An On-Demand Grocery Delivery App?

How much does it cost to develop an on-demand grocery delivery app

Having a lazy day and doesn’t feel like going out,  maintaining Social at the market can be super tough and dangerous, being crazy busy and have no time for shopping? What if you have an app, who can do all for you, an app that can deliver grocery at your doorstep! And what if you’re the owner of that app. Sounds super exciting right?!

In the internet dominating world, where our schedules are tighter than our diets, taking our time out can be a little tough, to resolve that issue online grocery mobile app development came as Savior.

What is an On-Demand Grocery App Development?

It is an app that helps you out, to build your online business with e-commerce facilities. It is an E-Commerce features app that allow you to sell your grocery product online through mobile app development.

How On-Demand Grocery App Works?

The solace of getting your everyday need’s commodities delivered at your doorstep is heaven, and when in it wrapped up with amazing features and making life easy it is like living on the 9th cloud.

Feature To Include While Grocery Delivery Mobile Application Development

Feature To Include While Grocery Delivery Mobile Application Development

Grocery Delivery App – User Panel:-

Profile buildup of user – This involves user’s login and logouts, as do their registration through the platform of their choice. This feature provides users to make their own profiles and put up their details.

Search option – This feature gives confront of directly reaching to the items, different products by various suppliers, of the user’s want, it saves time and efforts and directs exactly to what one is looking for.

Schedule delivery – This feature allows the users to set their date and time for the arrival of groceries, this makes it way more convenient to manage. One can set the delivery date and time of their own choice.

Delivery tracking – This allows the customers to track down their ordered groceries, delivery details, and all in real-time. With this feature, one can easily track where their order is, and by what time it’ll reach.

Multi-payment options – The on-demand grocery app comes with multiple payment options, payment via Debit Card or Credit Card, PayPal, MasterCard, VISA en American Express it accepts all. The variety of different payment methods give it more popularity.

Customer feedback and reviews – Customer feedback and reviews the app a personal touch and it makes customers connect to the app more intimate feel. Where the user can give their response regard service provided to them by the app and this also makes for improvement.

Grocery Delivery App – Admin Panel

User Management – The Admin panel gives the right to expand or eliminate users. Owners can organize with all the consumers that are adapted to their grocery app. With this feature added in, the owner can easily manage the performance of the app and manage user engagement.

Dashboard –  With the dashboard, the owner can track and govern all the activities of its online grocery app, what is being ordered and what is being delivered, all these can be managed with the ease on the dashboard.

Add Products – This feature helps the owner to keep the on-demand grocery app updated by allowing it to add new items or products and removing the ones that have gone out of stock or trend. By keeping it updated with day to day trends and the latest commodities, the app stays on top.

Management of Payments – This feature allows the owner to access all the payment details related to the orders made. Payments received or refunded can be easily seen and managed here. This can be considered as the most important feature, as it manages all the give and takes of payment.

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Some Advanced On-Demand Grocery App Development Features Are

GPS Tracking – For all on-demand mobile apps, GPS tracking is a must-have feature. It assists drivers to locate the location of delivery and also help users to track their order’s location. By knowing where to reach, and when will it (groceries) reach, help a lot in saving time for both, for delivering and receiving.

In-app Calling and Chatting

This feature secures the safety and privacy of data as both drivers and users cannot see each other’s contact details and can contact each other via the app itself, it is a safe and very efficient way to communicate.

Push Notifications – This is one of the best mean to notify your users of upcoming offers and discounts and all other details. No matter what you unseen, you can’t ignore a notification, this feature happens to provide a lot of attention.

Real-Time Tracking – On-demand apps help their users to do real-time tracking by checking the status progress of the delivery, this is an amazing feature, to know exactly where your groceries are and in much, it’ will reach to you.

Features Specific To On-Demand Mobile Apps Development

Features specific to on-demand mobile apps development

  • Delivery App
  • Accepting Order
  • Price Calculation (o
  • List of Orders
  • Real-time Tracking
  • Maps and Navigation
  • Payment Gateway Integration
  • Delivery Confirmation
  • Review and Rating

Why Investing in an On-Demand Grocery App is Beneficial?

approximately every business is pursuing the trend to confront their business goals. On-demand grocery delivery apps development is growing day by day. doubtlessly the grocery industry has got a digital shape for the past many years and reinventing itself to address the changing trends and needs with every day passing.

It increases Customer Loyalty-

Customer loyalty is extremely valuable for the growth of any business, by adding features like loyalty bonus, reward points, promo codes, offers, etc. to increase the base of the loyalty of your customers. Cause who don’t love offers and sale right?


The on-demand grocery app offer and very promising expediency and look at future aspects, this is the future.

24*7 Availability-

Being online for 24 hours all 7 days of revenue.

Big profits-

The survey has disclosed that over 86 million Americans use on-demand services on a daily basis, now imagine the profits you can make.

How Much Does On-Demand Grocery App Development Costs?

In the end, considering the above-presented aspects in order to calculate the Cost to Build an On-demand Grocery Delivery App, costs are a number that can be estimated only after evaluating your business requirements and demands from the project.

With an average estimate, the grocery app development cost around the range of $5000-$50000, But then again, the number can definitely vary depending on how your requirement, Depending upon features, platforms, tech stack, and functions. You can share your requirements to get a free quote.

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Are You Looking for On-Demand Grocery App Services?

If yes! Then look no more, ThinkStart is here for ya’ll. Being the leading Mobile app development company in USA, our work has spoken volumes. To ensure that your on-demand delivery business succeeds, we have ready-to-go development and tested app solution to customize all your requirements.

Hire mobile app developer from ThinkStart, Our team of on-demand app developers excellence in the development, that surely transform your idea and vision into outstanding virtually, we have established our-self as one of the best grocery app development company.

Final Note-

Currently, when the world was hit by the global pandemic, the grocery apps did out of the way and acted as a savior, the online grocery shopping business is flourishing with the increased use of grocery apps from the people around the world.

On-demand Grocery app development can give a mega boost to your business As per Grocery Dive, more than 30 million users will prefer to use mobile apps for ordering groceries in 2022. When the whole world is online what are you waiting for?


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