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Key Features, Cost, & Benefits – Car Parking App like ParkWhiz.

Apps for car parking are big business. They function non-cash payments and help drivers find and reserve parking spaces. 

Finding a car parking space away from home is an up-and-coming hardship that has clenched the masses. The number of cars has heightened with increasing population and this has affected a deficiency of space. Finding a free parking area has become a fantasy. This has called for the necessity to have smart parking strategies I.e car parking app.

What is ParkWhiz? 

The successes of some parking apps are proof of the high need for such services. Let’s take ParkWhiz for example. boasts over 40 million users in more than 4,000 parking locations and tops 190 US cities. This app was founded in 2006. ParkWhiz, a Chicago-based app, is one of the prime car parking apps. It alleges to be at the number one place to find and earmark an unfailing parking space before the user reaches out to their destination. It had lifted $24 million in Series C funding.

ParkWhiz provides a considerable discount if you book for the month or a season before the time, up to 60%. The app is accessible in more than 300 cities, and it facilitates you to sort based on what you are looking for, such as a specific event, spot, or garage.

It enables you to compare-pricing, reserve, and book your parking lot promptly. It is functional in both Android and iOS devices.

Need for Car Parking App Development?

Visualize you are in your car on your way to an important meeting to attend. You drove all the way beating traffic by an inch and just when you thought no more obstacles would come in your way, you ended up on a block with “No Parking”. You spend half an hour just looking around for a safe parking spot and when you finally are able to find a perfect spot, you’re already late for your meeting. 

That’s frustrating, right?

Of all the problems correlated with limited parking, battling to find a parking slot while going out of town can be most frustrating. No one truly wants to stroll a mile or more to reach the destination.

This problem has been escalating as the economy gets better with every passing day.  As now every individual wants to own a car, the crisis of free or paid parking space prevails and is not leading the way towards a solution anytime soon.

Car Parking apps are a big sigh of relief for metropolitan citizens, and we have all the right reasons to say so. Struggling to find an empty spot to park your vehicle is a day-to-day scenario that one does not need to comprehend. Parking lots are nothing short of a dilemma now, and the exponentially boosting number of cars in metro cities simply adds to the problem.  

Moreover, knowing where you parked your car means this is one piece of information that you need to clench in the back of your mind till you drive back home.  According to statistics, approximately 30 percent of the traffic on roads is the result of people looking out for parking space.

It is about time car drivers should commence evaluating these apps for securing parking spots. Similarly, mobile app developers and owners should start considering making it.

How do Car Parking Mobile Apps work?

If you are also intending to create a successful car parking mobile app endeavor, you must first get a grip of how it would work for the user. Users of a parking mobile app pursue these simple steps to book parking slots for their vehicle in no time:

Search– Users of car parking apps enter the segments of their vehicle location using GPS or by manually categorizing the same. This helps them learn the neighboring spot accessible for parking their automobiles.

Compare– The parking app offers its users a spectrum of parking alternatives to choose from. Users can compare these choices based on the price and the distance from the vehicle location.

Book the Spot– Based on the above comparison, the vehicle holders can book their designated parking spot and then get a passcode for the same.

Payment- Users are provided the option to make booking payments through cards or pay by digital payment gateways. 

Drive-away– The users can also make use of the app’s in-built navigational service to drive away to the parking spot.

Park the Vehicle– Now the driver can park the car in the allotted slot.

Features to incorporate in a Car Parking app:

Car parking app

To make your car parking app development a success, you must formulate three aspects for dealing with everybody’s necessities effectively. These include:

  • User Panel
  • Admin Panel
  • Parking  Panel

User Panel-

  • Register / Login
  • Enable System to trace vehicle location
  • Search Pickup Location
  • Enter Estimated Arrival & Departure time
  • Schedule Booking for parking space
  • Book immediately
  • Car back Request
  • User Profile
  • Manage History of Parking
  • Payment History & Options
  • Ratings and Reviews for parking spots

Admin Panel-

  • User Management
  • Revenue Control
  • Driver Management
  • Operate Earnings
  • Approve/Reject drivers Profile
  • Add or Remove A Driver
  • Bookings Manager
  • Manage Offers
  • Add New Locations
  • Reports

Parker Panel-

  • Social Login/SignUp
  • Add ID Proof documents
  • Contact Customers
  • Get Payment from Customers
  • Check Reviews and Ratings
  • Accept or Decline Parking Request

Advanced Features of Car Parking App development:

The below list consists of some advanced features – 

Push Notifications-

One of the most significant features to enhance user engagement is to send push notifications about discounts, app updates, cites added, expiry time, etc.

More Cities-

This feature enables users to book their parking spots in several different cities when they are on business or travel trips.

Advanced Filtering Options-

By furnishing numerous filtering options like filter by time, filter by price, filter by area, and list of garages, and much more.

Estimated Time

To give your car parking app users an idea of the estimated price, your app should give users the alternative to feed the arrival and divergence time from a parking spot. Based on the time distinction, the payments for which the parking spot is inhabited are conveyed to the user.

Detailed information of garages and lots-

Empower a comprehensive description of parking garages and lots. This comprises photos, additional services, ordinary parking fees, and hours.

Waiting List-

Every car driver has a beloved parking spot, isn’t it? But, it may not be accessible. Therefore inform the user when their parking lot is vacant.

Payment Options-

To give your app user’s a detailed parking service ordeal you should incorporate top payment choices to book a parking spot. This should contain cash, card payments, and other digital payment gateways

Heat map-

The app furnishes the occupied route in real-time mode. Through this, users will be competent to make an adequate decision for booking.

Save Location-

This feature facilitates the user to save the location of your parked car on your device and share it with your friends on social media platforms. So you never forget where you parked.

Reviews And Ratings-

The Car parking app owner can make use of the rating and review component to enhance user gratification from their service.

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How much does it cost to develop a car parking app:

The cost of developing a car parking app may vary according to certain aspects and the inclusion of several features. 

Honestly speaking, bestowing a precise amount for building a car parking app is hard for anyone. The cost mainly differs according to the requirements of the business model of the app, the features you are planning to add, and the tech stack used.

However,  to give you a rough estimation of the total expenditure encompassed in building a parking mobile app, we can say that it reaches somewhere around $30,000-$40,000.

Summing up-

Apps for car parking are the future. Despite the crucial number of iOS and Android parking apps, there’s still a lot of possibility in this industry.

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