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How Much Does It Cost to Develop a Parking App Like SpotHero.

If a mobile app idea solves a problem, it’s worth investing in. Is this true, however, for parking mobile apps? Should you spend time and money developing a parking-related mobile app?

According to a report, drivers in the United States spend an average of 17 hours per year looking for a suitable parking space. In terms of time spent, fuel consumed, and emissions released, this search for a parking spot costs $345 per driver.

Well, it is very crucial to validate an idea before investing in it. So, let’s do that!

What is a Parking App?

A parking app is one that allows you to look for available parking spaces while sitting in your car or on the go. The app uses the GPS location of your phone to deliver relevant results. In places where paid parking is available, you can reserve a parking spot ahead of time and make cashless payments using parking apps.

How Do Parking Mobile Apps work?

If you want to start a profitable parking mobile app business, you must first understand how it will work for the user. Users of a parking mobile app can quickly book parking slots for their vehicle by following these simple steps:

  • Search – Users of parking mobile apps can either use GPS or manually type in the details of their vehicle’s location. This aids them in locating the nearest available parking spot for their vehicles.
  • Compare– The parking app provides users with a variety of parking options. These options can be compared based on price and distance from the vehicle’s location.
  • Book the Spot–  Using the above comparison, vehicle owners can reserve a parking spot and receive a passcode for it
  • Payment- Users can pay for their reservations with credit cards or pay later with cash.
  • Driveaway– Users can also use the app’s built-in navigational assistance to get to their parking spot.
  • Park the Vehicle– The driver can now park the car in the designated spot.

Why Parking Owners Need a Parking Finder App?

Why Parking Owners Need a Parking Finder App?
  • Real-time data and insights of parking lots

One of the most compelling reasons to implement a parking management system is to keep track of real-time data and insights from parking lots. Smart parking solutions can generate real-time data over time, revealing correlations and insights from users and car parking lots.

  • Reduced time to find parking

You can easily locate the nearest available parking space and, if desired, book it right away.

  • Decreased management cost

As a parking owner, you can automate the entire parking procedure with innovative parking solutions. It also reduces manual activity, lowering labor costs and reducing resource exhaustion.

  • Environmental friendliness

Though it may appear strange to you, this technology does aid in the reduction of air pollution.

  • You can generate automatic reports

As a parking owner, you can compose the data in terms of the report, which is automatically generated by the parking management system, after analyzing the real-time data of vehicle parking lots. Hire iOS App Developers. In addition, creating a report from a large amount of data does not require a lot of time.

  • Reduced traffic offenses

There are very few cars parked on the road due to space optimization in parking areas. This means that two-wheelers and three-wheelers will have more parking spaces available to them. As a result, there are fewer traffic violations.

Other  benefits 

  • Furthermore, smart parking management solutions improve the customer experience while also increasing revenue.
  • As a result, you can see and measure improvements in the service you provide in your parking area as a parking owner.
  • It also handles day-to-day operations, such as payment and space allocation.
  • It’s also based on a wealth of information gathered and analyzed by smart parking management software.
  • It also aids in the continuous improvement of your parking service.

What is SpotHero?

What is SpotHero?

With its on-demand mobile app (Android and iOS) and website, SpotHero serves millions of people with parking reservations and inventory services. To provide parking spots to drivers across the United States, the company works with garage owners, vacant lots, and valets. According to Time, “apps like SpotHero can help stem congestion and pollution by allowing users to reserve a spot rather than circling dense city centers.”

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Must-Have Features of Parking App Like SpotHero

When creating a parking app similar to Parking App Like SpotHero, you will need to create three separate panels, each with its own set of features. The three panels are as follows:

Driver Panel

You develop a parking app aimed primarily at drivers. Your app’s main goal is to locate the cheapest parking lot for them as quickly as possible. Hire Android App Developers for the following features that should be included in the driver panel:

  • Registration
  • Authorization
  • Type of vehicles
  • Map
  • Parking search
  • Parking lot details
  • Parking lot booking
  • In-app navigation
  • Favorite parking spots
  • Payment
  • Parking history
  • Immediate parking extension
  • Offline mode
  • Push notifications
  • Settings
  • Reviews & Ratings

Parking Inspector Panel

Another panel that must be created is a functional panel for the parking inspector so that he can efficiently manage the parking area. These features must be included in this panel:

  • Registration
  • Authorization
  • Viewing parking lots
  • Notifications

Admin Panel

This is the panel that allows you to keep an eye on all of the in-app activities. The following features should be included in this panel:

  • Powerful dashboard
  • Manage parking spots
  • Manage users
  • Manage bookings
  • Manage payments
  • Manage commissions
  • Push notifications

 How Much Does It Cost to Build Parking Mobile Apps?

To be honest, estimating the cost of developing a parking mobile app is difficult for anyone. We say this because the price varies depending on the client’s needs, the app’s business model, the features he or she wants to include, and the tech stack we’ll have to use.

The cost estimation is usually based on the number of hours required for the app development process. Additionally, the hourly cost of development varies depending on the country in which you plan to develop your app. However, to give you an idea of the total cost of developing a parking mobile app, we estimate that it will cost between $30,000 and $40,000. You must hire Flutter Application Development Company in California, for cost-effective and stunning cross-platform app development.

Wrapping up – 

Even though numerous popular parking apps are already crushing the market with their innovations and new ideologies, isn’t there always room for improvement?

If you want to create an parking app like SpotHero, you’ll need to hire a reputable Parking App Development Company.

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You can reach out to us at any time if you have any questions about the development of parking mobile apps.

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