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Top Advantages of Using Shopify For eCommerce Web Development in 2021

If your company does not have an eCommerce store development in this day and age, you are missing out on a huge potential market. This is because the entire world has gone digital. As a result, consumers prefer to shop online for comfort and convenience.

As a result, having an E-commerce store is a great way to grow your business, reach new customer segments, and improve customer satisfaction. However, you’ll need a well-developed e-commerce store to do so. If you want to develop eCommerce Web Development in 2021 – try Shopify.

What is Shopify?

Shopify is an E-commerce platform that makes it possible to create online shopping websites with social networking integration, product posting, shopping cart, and payment features, and order processing, all of which are all integrated with Shopify.

This safe eCommerce software is a complete package for your eCommerce website, allowing you to quickly create different pages with an inbuilt online editor, sell in multiple locations with local language support, and customize online stores.

Why Shopify is best for eCommerce Web Development? 

Why Shopify is best for eCommerce Web Development? 

eCommerce websites make it possible for your company to have a large customer base. They provide customers with the ability to conduct business online while using devices they already own. The traditional method of creating eCommerce portals has been replaced by modern cart generation software.

These online development applications are available in a variety of features and qualities. Time savings, development effort reductions, physical server cost reductions, and staff cost reductions are just a few of their advantages.

When it comes to the best eCommerce Platform, Shopify is the first name that comes to mind among the various e-commerce platforms available.

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Advantages of using Shopify eCommerce Development?

Advantages of using Shopify eCommerce Development?

In case you are interested in knowing what makes Shopify the best platform for e-commerce web development, here are some top benefits:

Quick & easy to set up & use-

Shopify makes it simple to set up an online store without the hassle of dealing with servers or development costs that come with self-hosted platforms like Magento. Because all of the features are logically organized, the admin interface is clean, user-friendly, and intuitive.

Safe and Secure-

The risk of security is another factor that deters business owners from opening their own e-commerce stores. Cybersecurity threats and hacks can completely devastate an online store. With its foolproof security system and dependable hosting, Shopify ensures safety, security, and reliability.

Inbuilt Marketing Tools-

Shopify has built-in marketing tools that help startups save money. It lets you add page titles, Meta titles, unique URLs, Meta descriptions, make pages visible and invisible, and redirect pages as needed. It also allows you to personalize the store according to your preferences.

Mobile ready-

With mobile visits to websites now outnumbering desktop visits, having a mobile-friendly website is essential, not optional. Fortunately, Shopify is aware of this. Shopify’s themes are all mobile responsive, and the platform comes with a free built-in mobile commerce shopping cart, so your store will look great on any device and your customers will be able to shop whenever and wherever they want.

Easily Customizable-

Shopify offers thousands of different design templates that are simple to customize and adapt to your eCommerce website’s needs. This makes creating a beautiful and personalized e-commerce store that fits your brand easier than ever. The customization possibilities are endless, Hire website developers in California, to get the best of it.


Every company wishes to expand and grow. Due to its scalability features, Shopify eCommerce web development makes this possible. It has a cloud hosting feature that allows it to handle massive amounts of traffic without crashing the website.

Own payment gateway-

Shopify has dozens of payment gateways integrated, but it also has its own Stripe-powered payment gateway. You will not be charged any transaction fees and your credit card fees will be reduced if you use this method. It also does not necessitate the use of a merchant account.

Search Engine Optimization-

Shopify goes above and beyond by not only assisting you in creating a beautiful shopping cart website but also in making the website visible to your target audience. It comes with a slew of features, including landing page creation, meta tags, custom title tags, and more, all of which help to improve search engine optimization (SEO) and propel your website to the top of search results.


Many e-commerce website platforms charge exorbitant web development fees. However, Shopify eCommerce web development is a cost-effective way to create a shopping cart website. It operates on a subscription basis, with users paying a small monthly fee to access the platform.

Reduces Errors & Data Duplicity Issues-

When manually entering data into multiple fields and forms, there is a risk of errors and duplications. Furthermore, problems arise when errors are not properly tracked. Shopify includes automated data entry solutions to reduce data duplication and simplify the data entry process.

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Want help with Shopify eCommerce Development? 

Want help with Shopify eCommerce Development? 

Building a successful online store is not only enabled by the ease of browsing and extreme appearance, but it also necessitates the developer’s ongoing support to make the store more convenient and competitive day by day.

If you’re looking for help setting up an online store, hiring Shopify developers is a good idea.

We have a team of Shopify experts at ThinkStart Pvt Ltd. who can not only assist with the setup of a new store based on a fresh idea, but also with the upgrade/renovation of any existing eCommerce system.

As a leading Shopify Development Company in the USA; We have adapted Shopify’s best practices and have expanded our services to include and serve a variety of Shopify-related services, such as:

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  • Setup and Design of a Shopify Store
  • Custom Design and development of a Shopify app
  • Installation and Integration of the Shopify App
  • Integration, development, and customization of Shopify themes
  • Creating and customizing Shopify templates
  • Redesigning Your Shopify Store
  • Integration with the Shopify API
  • Other eCommerce Stores to Shopify Migration
  • Integration with Shopify Channels

If you have any requirements for development, feel free to connect with us – [email protected].


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