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On-Demand Real Estate Web Portal Development Cost and Features!

On-Demand Real Estate Web Portal Development Cost and Features

Real estate is a rapidly expanding industry that continues to expand on a daily basis. Real Estate commerce has transitioned to online portals in today’s world, making it easier for everyone, whether a seller or a buyer. It enables them to sell or buy properties quickly and easily through the use of a Real Estate Web Portal Development.

What is a Web Portal?

The web portal is a web-based solution that gives a community of users, employees, suppliers, and others access to information.

It can be used by business platforms to give its users a better experience and individualized information access while also allowing them to complete numerous tasks at once.

Why is Real Estate Web Portal Development Important?

Why is Real Estate Web Portal Development Important?

Today’s market necessitates the Real Estate Web Portal Development since many customers seek out internet portals for their real estate demands. This is the moment to deploy a user-friendly, fully functional, and unique Real Estate Web Portal to target your customers.

Even though more and more real estate platforms are focusing on the development of mobile apps, having a web platform is still essential. Around 90% of real estate firms have their own websites, according to the National Association of Realtors (NAR).

Benefits of Real Estate Web Portal:-

  • The ability to advertise and list your home on a web portal is not only the most effective but also the most cost-efficient aspect. Things aren’t going to get any easier.
  • It is much easier for people to look for houses based on size, kind, location, and price from the comfort of their own homes.
  • Provides a simpler approach for agents and mediators to register.
  • They have the ability to customize and display a variety of property images.
  • A powerful and professional method for building a brand.
  • It is, in every way, a one-stop shop for all of your property purchasing and selling needs.
  • People may do a lot with just a few clicks, whether it’s to list, buy, or sell their property (old or new).

Features of Real Estate Web Portal Development 

Features of Real Estate Web Portal Development 

User panel –

  • Insert Property Listing
  • User Support
  • Shared property notes
  • Send property via email
  • Upload multiple photos at onceAutomatic resizing of photos

Business Owner Panel –

  • Installs the Real EstateAdd/edit/remove or edit categories
  • Agency profile creation & management: Manage Property
  • Manage Languages
  • Manage sections of the site
  • Automated Document Management
  • Billing Options
  • Manage Members

Admin Panel –

  • Featured Real Estate
  • Advertisement Management
  • Reviews and Ratings
  • Social Sharing
  • Publish properties in any country or city
  • Assist users to find properties

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Additional Must-have Features of Real Estate Web Portal Development

  • Social media integration –

Your Real Estate Web Portal Development should also be linked to numerous social networking sites. Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest are examples of sites that individuals can enjoy. You may provide users the option of logging in with their social media accounts and sharing the house page on social media with only two clicks.

  • Advanced SEO Tools – 

With a plethora of advanced SEO tools at one’s disposal, one can ensure that their web portal is always on Google’s top page. After all, it’s a surefire way to catch people’s attention.

  • Advanced search with search Filters-

You should offer an advanced search mode on your website so that users can easily apply different filter modes such as location, price, and property type. Please use the advanced property search function, which includes a variety of filters.

  • Content Management Tools-

 In a real estate web portal, it’s critical to keep track of what’s being presented to users and how they’re reacting, which is where a CMS tool may help.

  • Presentation Tools-

 It is critical to make a good first impression on users when working in the real estate industry because it is all about what meets the eye. As a result, make sure the assets are well-presented to users, including attractive photos, YouTube videos, and more.

  • Google Maps Integration-

When looking at property, rental, or booking websites, many people prefer to use the Google Maps feature. They’ll be able to acquire a sense of a neighborhood they may not be familiar with.

  • Dynamic Search filters 

Another must-have feature that should be featured on every real estate platform is dynamic search filters. This feature allows AI in Real Estate Sector users to find what they’re looking for faster and with greater accuracy. The type of property selected by the user changes the dynamic search filters automatically.

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The Costs of Building a Real-Estates Web Portal Development

The Costs of Building a Real States Web Portal Development

A generic on-demand website designed on the low end can cost somewhere between $3000 and $5000, according to a preliminary estimate. This figure is appropriate for a solid website with some basic but effective pictures and content for your platform.

Based on the features or components that you are considering integrating with your platform, the overall cost can increase or reduce.


The real estate market, like every other commodity or sector, has gone digital. Almost every property buyer or seller these days begins their search on the internet. It is also vital to remain competitive. Before it’s too late, board the online ship.
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