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How to Develop a Logistics and Transportation Mobile App Development | Cost and Features.

How to Develop a Logistics and Transportation Mobile App Development Cost and Feature TS

The world has come a long way, isn’t it? From standing in long lines only to mail a package to doing so with a single click on our smartphone’s screen, we’ve come a long way. In addition, the operators are relieved of the burden of constantly monitoring all logistics and transportation operations.

When we think about logistics, we think of frantic processes, extensive and disorganized paperwork, manual labor, and constant monitoring. However, the logistics business has changed dramatically in recent years as a result of technological advancements. Simple chores that formerly required standing in huge lines for hours to send a courier can now be completed with only a tap on the phone screen.

It’s all a result of the fusion of the transportation and logistics industry with the mobile app development domain.

Why Do You Need a Logistics and Transportation Mobile App?

Why Do You Need a Logistics and Transportation Mobile App?

Any product you put on the market is supposed to answer problems that your customers are having. You may make things easier for your customers and yourself with the help of our logistics and transportation mobile app development team.

Customers no longer have to wait days for their shipments to arrive, and they may contact logistic service providers regularly. Customers in today’s data-driven environment demand to be able to obtain all critical information while on the go. A mobile app development company can assist the logistics and transportation industries in this regard.

By offering real-time data wherever and at any time, Logistics and Transportation Mobile App may assist transporters in incorporating technological developments into business processes and improving the client experience. Feature-rich logistics applications enable everything from fleet control to fleet management.

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Transport and logistics industry market statistics

  • According to MarketWatch, between 2020 and 2024, the worldwide logistics market is expected to rise by $287.1 million.
  • This corresponds to the Logistics and Transportation industry has a 5-percentage-point increase in CAGR. In reality, towards the end of the forecast period, the year-over-year growth rate for 2020 is expected to be 4.13 percent.
  • Furthermore, this CAGR is expected to be the greatest from 2019 to 2023.

Benefits Of Logistics And Transportation Mobile App Development

Benefits Of Logistics And Transportation Mobile App Development
  • Process Sophistication

A transportation and logistics company works with companies that need products picked up and delivered. Customers will suffer if the entire process does not run smoothly. All tasks, such as delivery, will be completed on time with the help of a smartphone app.

  • Post-delivery confirmation

Owners can simply receive confirmation of their items’ arrival via on-demand logistics delivery apps. To confirm the delivery of a product, the app involves scanning the products and entering basic information.

  •  It has made warehouse management easy

Warehouse managers will benefit the most from a mobile app. They can reduce inaccuracies and errors caused by manual labor by using a mobile application.

  •  It ensures efficient services at a low cost

You can access real-time data about products and their volume, delivery, and so on with the app. It also organizes the workforce because everyone has a designated duty to do, which you can track using the app. As a result, it ensures that the company runs smoothly and efficiently.

Types of ‘Logistics & Transportation’ Mobile App

1. Fleet management app: This app covers all vehicle-related information. It entails the control of cars and drivers following the requirements.

2. Warehouse solution app: Warehousing is a branch of the logistics industry. We were able to grow and scale our business at a rate that would have been impossible without the Warehouse app.

3. Logistics on-demand apps: It entails all of your procedures for ensuring that the correct consumer receives the correct items at the appropriate time.

4. Tracking apps: This app is used to track the fleet’s and drivers’ locations. We can trace the location of things in real-time with the help of this software. This will make it easier for your consumers to see the progress of their orders.

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Basic Features of Transportation and Logistics Apps?

Basic Features of Transportation and Logistics Apps?

Admin panel, customer panel, and driver panel are the most common versions of transportation and logistics software. The attributes of each of the three versions vary, for example:

Features of User App Panel

  • Create a profile and register.
  • Save your delivery address and/or location.
  • View a list of nearby vehicles that can be used for transportation.
  • View Fare Estimation by Vehicle Type
  • View the estimated arrival time when you book a vehicle (ETA)
  • Organize/Schedule Your Trip
  • With a driver, you can make in-app calls.
  • Arrival and delivery of goods push notifications
  • Cancel the services of rating and reviewing
  •  View the history of bookings (service/booking).
  • There are several ways to pay
  • Email & SMS Invoice Viewing
  • Details on the Driver
  • Inform others about your travel arrangements.

Features of Admin App Panel

  • Manage your users, drives, and fleet.
  • Taking Care of User Complaints.
  • Billing and Invoice Management
  • Sub-Admins should be assigned.
  • Trips can be managed and tracked.
  • To track revenue and user acquisition statistics, view/generate reports.
  • Routes with multiple stops can be created.
  • Manage Discounts on Rate Cards.
  • Regular users should be offered a subscription plan.

Features of Trucker/Driver App Panel

  • Manage your profile by logging in.
  • Upload documents to verify your identity.
  • View the Rate Card according to the distance and weight of the products.
  • Check out the revenue breakdown and earnings report.
  • Cancel Trip.
  • Choose the type of vehicle the driver is driving.
  • Toggle Ride In-App Calling with Customers is available.
  • Requests for pickup should be accepted or rejected.
  • View User and Consignment Information.
  • Notifications by Push.
  • Create a route and consult a navigation map.
  • Support for several languages.

Must-have Advanced Features of On-demand Transportation App Development

Must-have Advanced Features of On-demand Transportation App Development

Alerts & Notifications

Hire a mobile app developers team to implement deliveries, tracking, offers, and other information related to their delivery can easily provide all alerts and other notifications.

In-app Chat

This is an important feature for a Logistics app since it allows app users to simply contact the service provider with questions about a pending delivery or anything else.

Billing & Payments

This enables customers to quickly generate invoices to obtain additional information about incurred costs and to conduct transactions using various channels such as cards, wallets, and PayPal.

Estimate fare charges

Users can estimate the related fare charges that may occur based on the destination and route to be covered from the pickup place. When you contact a logistics mobile app development business, they make it a point to include a function that can discuss fare charges. Hire Flutter app development company, to reap benefits of cross-platform app development.

Rate Driver Performance

Logistics organizations can grade the services provided by drivers based on their conduct, making it easier for others to find the proper driver for them.

Push notifications 

Experts in logistics app development utilize a tech stack that facilitates push alerts. To keep users informed, all notifications related to payments, order fulfillment, driver allotment, and so on are sent to them.

Multi-Language Support

Because many drivers who use the app are not fluent in English, incorporating multi-language capability allows them to utilize the program without difficulty. As a result, the feature increases the scalability of the logistics business by allowing for proper coordination with drivers from various regions.

Cost of Transportation and Logistics App Development?

Two factors impact the cost of app development: complexity and time. Both of these characteristics are now intertwined and influenced by a variety of circumstances. When it comes to similar types of app development, you’ll have to pay for the following services:

  • Design
  • iOS and Android native app development or hybrid app development 
  • Backend development
  • Web development
  • Project management
  • Quality assurance

The entire cost of developing a simple logistics and transportation app might range from $25,000 to $40,000 to $100,000 to $150,000.

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Due to the multiple benefits of logistics apps, the creation of various types of on-demand logistics applications will finally make the logistics business profitable in the future. It is now, more than ever, the appropriate moment to invest in logistics app development services.

You’ll almost certainly need to engage skilled app developers to create a logistics mobile app. So, if you’re seeking a possible business partner, contact ThinkStart Pvt Ltd, a leading mobile app development company in the USA. We specialize in transportation app development and will bring your concept to life in the best way possible. We are the best choice for your logistics app design company because we have considerable experience in development and marketing.

Let’s create your next app together- [email protected].


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