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How much does it Cost to Develop a Job Portal App like CareerBuilder or Monster?

Finding jobs these days is not a cakewalk, Over the years, Digitization has blown the world like lightning and has lit up every sector of this flourishing industry. 

Gone are the days when companies and businesses used to advertise in the newspapers and handouts about the job openings, and people used to hustle to apply. People now hire app developers and craft the app for any industry they want. But things have altered in the recruitment space with time.

People now are going digital to search for jobs when it comes to finding jobs as well as searching for the right people for the jobs. In these changing times of the recruitment sector Job, Portals are playing a very significant role. Let’s learn about it in the blog.

What does it mean by Job Portal App?

A job portal is a platform with progressive job facilitation help and aspects which enable the people seeking jobs to connect with those who are enlisting, and not only on a national but on an international level too. 

The central task of the job portals is to streamline the customary hiring-applying process and simultaneously make it more interesting and simple.

With the Job Portal app development, the entire job-hunting process took a dominant shift from referrals and newspapers to now finding a job on major job portals like CareerBuilder, Monster.com, and many more.

Benefits of job portal apps like CareerBuilder & Monster:

Job portal app like CareerBuilder act as a trigger for both employer and employee, curtailing the stress around candidate searching by harmonizing the demands of the firm with the skills of the candidate, automatically, radiating factual results.

Some major benefits of Job portal app development are-

  • It saves Time
  • It saves the cost of marketing
  • It does unification of the candidate profile
  • It gives regular job alerts
  • It provides more job opportunities for job seekers
  • It provides recruiters with more hiring options 
  • It also does a screening of the resumes
  • It displays Job recommendations
  • It has a better dashboard
  • It is user-friendly
  • It has plenty of Filters
  • It has multi-browser compatibility
  • It allows alerts via email

Why go for Job Portal App Development?

The ever-growing fashionableness of job portal apps development has remarkably renovated the procedure of exploring the right job, making the whole process a comfortable task. 

These recruitment mobile apps can encourage job seekers in building resumes, observing adequate jobs, engaging with employers, and securing opportunities.

These portals have created the job hunt relatively easy and this has improved the yearning for job portal app development tremendously.

A job portal app is effective for employers as well as for employees. It furnishes a platform where an employee can rummage for a job and employers can gaze for an able employee. Basically, Job portal applications act as a forum as well as a catalyst for recruiters as well as applicants.

Here are the various reasons that could take you to to go for a job portal application development:

  • It is the platform for recruiters as well as job seekers to engage.
  • To connect to the desired job
  • Recruiters and job seekers can find jobs globally
  • Translucency in jobs and payscale
  • Save a lot of time and energy for recruiters and of job seekers 
  • Job seekers can save their future

 Must-have feature of job portal app development:

feature of job portal app development

Mobile Application development is a trend in this technological era. People are fascinated by their mobile phones most of the time, all merits go to the various applications.

Some ‘must-have’ features of the Job Portal app development are-

  • In app-chat/message-

This feature helps to simplify seamless interaction between the job seekers and the recruiters. The two can share the essential details and even schedule an interview to move forward in the recruitment procedure.

  • Robust Backend Solutions-

The most significant aspect of a powerful job portal mobile app or job web development services is a responsive database that stocks all the details of every job seeker. So to easily manage this database. Having a robust backend is definitely a must.

  • CV Creation-

CV is the most critical part of a job application. It is vital to propose different ways of adding a CV to the job applicant’s profile. Job seekers can upload directly from the system, admitting from other sources, or creating one within the portal.

  • Ticketing and Booking-

This feature facilitates the app users, both job seekers, and recruiters, to make bookings to any event or webinar transpiring on the portal.

  • Multilingual-

Job seekers are searching for their favorite jobs throughout the world despite their mother tongue, culture, and lifestyle. They come to different territories. Therefore, a multilingual job portal app is always going to be beneficial as well as valuable.

  • Real-time Analytics-

This feature permits the admin to take out real-time information on aspects like total jobs allotted, numerous employers associated, the sum of job proposals listed on the app, etc.

  • Document Management Module-

This is a vital feature that facilitates job-seeking candidates as well as employers to store, create, manage, or catalog digital documents. These documents can be stocked securely on the portal and accessed from any place when needed.

  • ERP Integration-

An ERP solution for a recruitment and job search app assists in reducing the overall work and therefore curtailing the cost of backend management.

  • Payment Integration-

A good job portal combines considerable payment gateways for the convenience of the users. You can submit popular payment methods like net banking, credit and debit cards, mobile wallets, UPI, etc. to make the payment procedures simple for all users.

What is the cost of job portal development?

Everything has a price to pay, from appearance to speed to device compatibility, the better you want, the more you need to skip from your pockets.

 Interface, storage, app size, app developer location, and app features are not theorized but inconsistent factors in the entire cycle of app development.

The overall estimated cost of platform choosing, and for additional panel building, might range from $1000 to $50,000, depending upon the different features you want for your app.

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Final note-

The unemployment rate is steadily rising day by day, particularly after this pandemic. This has boosted the need and even competition among business owners to initiate their own job portals in the market. However, Technology has improved the recruitment industry for good and has made it highly efficient. 

The heightened need for finding the right job has led to a boost in the number of mobile recruitment apps available out there. Don’t wait, when you can own one.

Get Your Own Job Portal App

Now that you are well versed in the benefits and vital aspects of a job portal app Development, are you looking for someone who can do this for you? Don’t worry! We at ThinkStart Private Limited can help you develop a perfect app based on your requirements.

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