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Benefits & Reasons To Invest In Music Streaming App Like Soundcloud and Spotify!

“Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination, and life to everything.” – Plato

Music is something more than words could ever define, it is a divine peace and imagine that peace coming directly. Like without waiting for your favorite to turn up.

Mobile apps have transformed the way we listen to music. Access to music has become seamless and all thanks go to the internet.

Technology has rewritten a variety of music consumption aspects, but for major artists, the combination of music streaming services, easily accessible apps

Why invest in a music streaming app

Mobile music streaming apps have whirled into a highly recreational business. According to the RIAA, 75% of the recorded music industry’s revenue in 2018 came from music streaming.

Through the Music Streaming app is how most of us get our music now. People are listening to more music now, from more artists than ever before because of streaming services and their preponderance.

Music streaming apps have made it so easier to jump around from genre to genre or from song to song than it is with digital downloads, from a variety of soundtracks depending upon every mood of the listener. 

Leading Market Players of music streaming industry: 


Having over 75 million users, Spotify is the most famous among them all. Spotify is a  music streaming app that allows users to search for any song, artist, album, or genre. Users can share loved tracks, add them to playlists or even collaborate with their friends to create compilations.


SoundCloud is an online audio distribution platform and music sharing website established in Berlin, Germany, that facilitates its users to upload, promote, and share audio, as well as a DSP enabling listeners to stream audio.

Reasons to Invest in Music Streaming App Development:

Music streaming applications have earned huge popularity due to the comfort they bring to users.

Let’s evaluate some reason to invest in music streaming apps

  • Personalization: Streaming platforms are wielding technology to entirely understand a user’s listening manners and to modify music suggestions directly to them.
  • Original Content: Spurred on by the advancement of streaming services like Netflix and YouTube, the beginning of streaming platforms investing in original content.
  • Premium Prices: Artists and music labels are offering more for music, striking streaming platforms to hike their subscription rates in an attempt to make up for lost revenue which results in more profit.
  • Live Streaming: With live streaming rising in vogue, artists can deliver audiences a personal connection and a more authentic version of their music.

Benefits of Music Streaming Apps:

The music streaming industry will proceed to transform, with innovations introducing considerable opportunities and challenges for both streaming platforms and consumers alike.

Some benefits of investing in music streaming apps development are –

  • The global music streaming market is anticipated to outperform $10 billion by 2023.
  • The rise of Podcasts is another reason for investing in the streaming app 
  • The average revenue per user is approximately $26.
  • Ambient listening, anywhere anytime music has given rise to the market of music apps

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Type of Music Streaming App Services:

  • Music library

Simply explaining, you can manufacture a server-based music library and offer customers a visa to the music under your conditions — paid subscriptions or free access.

  • Radio stations

This kind of app has numerous radio stations and classifies them by specific themes, which can be streamed to a computer, home audio, or any mobile device.

  • Cloud storage

You let users store their songs and stream them anywhere and anytime they like.

Features of Music Streaming Mobile App Development:

Features of Music Streaming App development

Here is the list of features that should be made a part of your music streaming apps development

1. Registration

The inclusion of a registration feature would be sure of entirely on your business model. While you can choose to give your users free, unrestricted service. And you can also make the service a paid one, where the user can pay according to the plan they desire to opt from your service.

2. Playlists

What is better than partnering with your mobile app development company and providing your listeners a platform where they can save all their favorite tracks in one place, organized according to their mood and likes.

3. Search

The whole idea of a music streaming application is to give the listeners the sovereignty to search for their kind of music which is outlined according to their mood. To make this possible, you need to add a search feature in the app.

4. Social Sharing

By offering your listeners a possibility to share their favorite song or the whole album on social media or with someone on a more one-on-one mode like WhatsApp or Instagram Direct Messages, your brand will only get a good share of the mouth of word advertising.

5. Offline Mode

With this feature, you allow your listeners the alternative to hearing songs on the go without any reliance on the internet connection. The offline mode renders the use of the device’s local storage to store up the audio data of the song.

6. Recommendations

After you develop a sufficient music database and user base, you can focus on advanced recommendation and discovery systems. With the recommendation features in the app, the app will suggest or recommend songs to the listeners accounting for their preference and activity on the app.

7. Music Quality

Music is all about the quality, isn’t it?  No one would like to hear poor quality music and in the second minute, the app will be uninstalled. So, high-quality audio must be put together into the app to provide the listener the best and the best only.  you can hire a dedicated developers team to improve the quality of music your app will provide.

8. Push Notifications

You are not constantly on the app to see if something new has been added, a fresh song, an entire album, or a new theme. Push notification is vital to keep your user updated and informed about the new arrivals in the app.

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Final note-

Streaming is a very intricate facet of the music industry, and it appears to only be growing from here. Music streaming apps are the absolute unlimited entertainment tools for the new age of millennials and teenagers. Hence, the craving for such music apps is not going to phase out any time soon.

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