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The Cost of Food Delivery App Development and the Factors Affecting It.

Are you thinking about food ordering app development but not certain of how you should go about it?

If you are wondering about certain questions like:

  • Why is investing in a food delivery app a good idea?
  • How to develop a seamless on-demand food delivery development
  • Which features to integrate into the food delivery app?
  • What will be the cost of a food delivery app development? 

If yes! Then you’re in the right place, in this blog we will address all your doubts and questions about Food delivery app development.

But first, what exactly is food delivery app development? 

The food delivery business has grown over the years. With the overture of mobile apps, this industry has served more customers by making it customer-oriented. Food delivery apps provide much-needed comfort and options to the customers. It allows the customers to book any food dish from various restaurants and eateries. The food items get delivered to their doorstep with few touches on the screen at a great pace.

Why is investing in a food delivery app a good idea?
Why is investing in a food delivery app a good idea

The demand for online ordering and delivery is real. The Internet has entirely remade the ancestral way of ordering and delivering systems. This is a restorative alteration for customers as well as restaurants. Customers can now order their food easily with just a few clicks. They can now go over the entire menu and can end up expending more than usual. On the other hand, restaurants or businesses can now reach a vast buyer base and make their assistance more convenient and experience-rich.

Investing in food delivery apps can open doors to great revenue and multiple business opportunities. The food delivery industry is at its peak and investing in such demanded service can never go wrong.

Online Food Ordering Statistics-

  • According to Statista, in 2021, the dividend in the Online Food Delivery area amounts to US$151,526 million.
  • Online delivery currently represents a percent of all delivery orders.
  • This is anticipated to exhibit an expansion rate of 9.9% per year, resulting in a market volume of US$182,327m by 2024.
  • Of the cumulative online food delivery revenue, the Platform-to-Consumer Delivery segment has the biggest part with a market volume of US$79,608 million in 2019.
  • This is foreseen to improve to US$96,864 million by 2024.
  • Food Delivery software for restaurants-to-Consumer Delivery portion amounts to US$71,918 million in 2021, expected to increase to US$85,463 million by 2024.

Sneak-peek Into Future of Online Food Order App-

The future spectrum of online food ordering strategies and on-demand food delivery app development is interpreted by food delivery trends that simply made a few minor manifestations in the present day, but are all set to diversify the industry by the time we hit 2025.

What are new modes of future of food delivery looks like:

  • Expansion of Business Model:

The one path where food delivery apps are now leading the way is a refined version of just-food delivery. Businesses like Postmates are now arising to give a tough competition to brands that are entirely pointed on getting food delivered from restaurants to customers.

  • Crypto Food Ordering:

The thriving market of blockchain technology has also brought along a new benefit in the online food industry – Crypto food ordering. Forthwith, customers across the globe can pay for online delivery or takeaway services via cryptocurrencies.

  • New Food Ordering Channels:

Forward with the normal food ordering channels like Websites and Mobile apps, users will now be discovering newer platforms to make orders while being engaged with the internet.

Channels like – Social Media, Virtual Assistants, Smart Objects – TV, Wearables, etc, and even the car dashboard.

  • New Delivery Options:

In extension to the modern ordering options, the on-demand food delivery development system is furthermore, going to look into some new modes. The delivery options are striding in a trend where the food will instantly be delivered via drones, parachutes, and maybe robots. So, you will have to assure that the food delivery mobile app you are capitalizing on, is in a silhouette that can be lifted to be merged into these modes.

  • Big Data:

Big Data in the food industry is contemplated to be an extremely niche category in the existing time, but the future is going to rectify. The future will glimpse a whole lot of varied modifications of significant technology in the food industry.

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The Cost of Food Delivery App Development and the Factors Affecting It.

Have a look at some of the most significant factors that decide the cost of creating food delivery apps.

1. Platform:

First is the platform you choose for the application you will create. The cost of iOS will vary from that of Android phones. There are varied prices for Android app development and the iOS one.

2. Design:

The next factor that determines the total cost of constructing an app is the design. You require a very fascinating and user-friendly app design to make your app stand out of the box. For more customer attention you have to ask the developers to use accelerated and advanced technologies that compel more time and money.

3. Functions & features:

You have to add some best State of the art features and functionalities into your app to distinguish it from the rest. Like the pre-bookings, order, and delivery are some of the elements, and you can add your extraordinary ideas to this.

4. Development partners:

Then comes the cost of hiring an app developer or a Food Delivery App Development Company. Price differs as per the time a developer yearns to develop your application. The more features you want to put into your food delivery app, the more you have to spend. If you wish your cost not to overrun a restricted amount, you can start with some crucial features for your app at first and go for an update later.

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So, the total cost of an app developer to build a food delivery application will depend on the app business, design, access control, and external/internal features. Expanding progressive features like Geo-location and in-app chat will add more numbers to your bill.

This means the cumulative work hours required is nearly 300-400 hours. Let’s assume the median development cost per hour of around $50 to $100. The cost of the food delivery app can range between $15,000 to $30,000. But remember it can always differ, as to tell you the exact cost is difficult due to so many factors involved.

Wrapping up-

The on-demand food delivery industry will be skyrocketing in the forthcoming years. So, businesses who are intending to enter this market should comprehend the varied costs of developing a food delivery app. The rise in on-demand food delivery apps has entirely modified the food industry. If you are interested in entering into business, now will be a good time to do so. 

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