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A Complete Guide To Build Your Own On-Demand Music App in 2022.

A Complete Guide To Build Your Own On-Demand Music App in 2022

The reason we listen to music has altered as a result of mobile apps. On the App Store and Google Play, you may find a variety of music streaming services.

Market leaders like Spotify, Apple Music, and Pandora have risen to prominence because they are simple to use and provide outstanding value for money. If you want to make a music streaming app, though, you’ll need to think about things like licenses, platforms, and so on.

Music Streaming App Market: An Overview

The ease that music streaming apps provide to users is what makes them so popular. Let’s have a look at some fascinating statistics and benefits to developing a music Streaming app

  • By 2023, the global music streaming market is anticipated to be worth more than $10 billion.
  • The average amount of money earned per user is around $26.
  • Spotify has a 36 percent share of the music streaming market.
  • Apple boasts that 60 million people subscribe to Apple Music.

How to Create a Music Streaming App?

Whether you build your app for Android, iOS, or both, there are a few phrases that are common to any music streaming app development, whether it’s an Android app, an iOS app, or a cross-platform app.

  1. Choose between Types of Music Streaming Apps

Choose from a variety of music streaming apps, before hiring a Music App Development Company. You can choose from three different sorts of music streaming apps:

  • Music Library

This app is essentially a server-based music library that grants clients access to music based on the terms and conditions set out by the company. The company can offer a paid subscription, free access, or a combination of both, with the paid version including more features. Napster and Spotify are two examples.

  • Cloud Storage

This type of app allows users to store and listen to music on the go. AudioBox, Cloudlist, and Groove Music are other examples.

  • Radio Stations

This type of app organizes radio stations into categories based on their themes. You can listen to them on your computer, in your house, or on any mobile device. Shoutcast and Apple Music are two examples.

  1. Getting License

Users can listen to music without having to buy it via music streaming services. You must, however, obtain permission to use music content as the owner.

You’ll need the Public Performance Rights if you wish to start your own music streaming service.

It can be handled by the agencies in the United States:

  • The American Society of Composers, Authors, and Publishers is a group of composers, authors, and publishers based in the United States (ASCAP).
  • Broadcast Music Incorporated is a company that produces music for television and radio broadcasts (BMI).
  • Apply to the Society of European Stage Authors and Composers to broadcast music in Europe (SESAC).
  1. Decide on Data Storage

Consider the storage aspect when creating a music app. A back-end server will be required to support streaming. Consider Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, Oracle Cloud, Google Cloud Platform, and other well-known cloud service providers.

There is another choice available to you. To stream music, you can utilize Spotify’s SDK or SoundCloud’s API. However, rigorously follow the limitations set forth in the Terms of Use for these development tools.

You can develop a data storage app on a self-hosted server without using any third-party streaming APIs in the third option.

  1. Select desirable Platform

There are two prominent platforms these days: iOS and Android. So, how do you decide which platform to use to launch your own music streaming service? The solution is simple: in order to remain competitive, you must develop applications for both of them. To reach more users, Apple Inc. built an Apple Music app for Android devices.

If you’re on a tight budget, though, you can pick just one platform based on your target audience’s preferences, or go with Flutter app development for cross-platform app development. 

Feature of On-Demand Music App Development

Feature of On-Demand Music App Development
  • Registration

To make the process quick and easy, you should provide various options. Signups from social media sites like Facebook or Google, for example, can be integrated. You must also include email and password signups, as well as phone number and password signups. The ‘Forget password’ option improves the usability of your software.

  • Homepage

By presenting the news feed, industry updates, and top releases on your app’s homepage, you may make it more advanced.

  • Push Notifications

Integrate push notifications to increase app usage and visibility while also keeping customers informed about new information. Inform them about upcoming music concerts, events, and the latest music news, as well as new releases from their favorite performers.

  • Download Option – Offline access

Customers’ experiences are substantially improved when they may download their favorite track(s) or playlists for offline streaming. Allow them to download any music or track they desire by including a simple Download button in your app.

  • Pre-Save option

Pre-Saving is another sophisticated option. Some artists announce their albums but do not make them immediately available for listening. Customers can choose to have the album downloaded automatically after it is released

  • Song Lyrics

Displaying the lyrics while the song is playing enhances the user’s listening experience. By incorporating song lyrics into your app, you can turn your average app users into dedicated consumers. Users frequently wish to read lyrics as well as trivia such as labels, years, accolades, or something from the artist, among other things.

  • Voice Search and Commands

The new craze is voice search. Customers should be able to navigate the app by merely saying the song or artist’s name. This is a fantastic method to improve their experience.

  • Artists Profiles

you’re using their music on your app, musicians are also stakeholders. As a result, you should incorporate artist profiles. Allow app users to follow their favorite musicians, receive updates from them, and listen to tailored playlists of their songs.

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Bottom line – 

The music streaming industry is booming, music streaming apps have tremendous business potential. We’ve got you covered on all fronts if you’re also planning to build a music streaming app. We can assist you with developing your concept and creating a feature-rich music app.
ThinkStart Pvt Ltd, is a Mobile app development company in the USA, who understands how to construct a music app and will gladly provide this service to you! If you require more information or want to build a custom streaming platform with Spotify-like features and market success, contact our specialists.


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