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11 Key Reasons to Convert Your Web App to Mobile App For Flutter.

11 Key Reasons to Convert Your Web App to Mobile App For Flutter

Why would you make a mobile app out of a web app? What are the advantages? Isn’t having a strong online presence enough?

Both yes and no. A superb web app is fantastic for desktop users, attracting referral and organic traffic while also turning first-time visitors into recurring customers. It’s also great for developing your UI’s basic features, logic, and functionality.

Mobile apps, on the other hand, offer distinct advantages and allow you to expand beyond the limitations of the internet.

Let’s look at some of the most compelling reasons to convert a web app to a mobile app.

Why Should You Consider Mobile App Development?

A mobile app gives a user significantly more mobility than a responsive website. According to studies, only 11% of mobile users spend time accessing the web on their phones. 

Everything has gone mobile, from getting news to tracking fitness, and it’s easy to see why. Users no longer need to remember your website URL thanks to mobile apps. They don’t have to search or type a URL into a browser anymore.

  1. Furthermore, using applications to retrieve information is 1.5 times faster than using websites. This is because, unlike website data, which is saved on servers, user data is stored locally on the app itself. Another important factor is that apps have substantially faster reaction times than websites.
  2. In comparison to a mobile-responsive website, a mobile app promises a 157 percent higher conversion rate. The conversion process is much faster with more personalisation and better user targeting.
  3. When you turn a web app into a mobile app, you may start adding functionality to the device right away. Customers can utilize GPS in your app to automatically track their location and connect it to your service zones. Map integration can assist your customers in finding your real location.
  4. Users can use mobile cameras to scan and search for a certain product. They can even post photographs of faulty products to help with customer support. Face and fingerprint recognition can aid in speedy credential authorization and one-click purchases.

Key Reasons to Convert Your Web App to Mobile App For Flutter

Key Reasons to Convert Your Web App to Mobile App For Flutter

If you’ve ever wondered why Reddit, Quora, Facebook, and the majority of other large firms are continuously urging you to download their applications, now is your chance to find out. Here are a some reasons:

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1. Improvement of existing capabilities:

To date, developers have tried everything they can to improve the user experience in their programs. This can be accomplished in a variety of ways. When converting a web app to a mobile app, you can make the user interface as responsive as possible, optimize the app design for the features of the OS. Get Android app development services, on which the user device is based, ensure offline operation and the ability to connect social media accounts, or implement user data storage functions. 

2. Meet Modern User Expectations: 

It was all about desktop browsers in the early days of the internet. When it comes to technology, though, things move quickly. Computers gave way to smartphones, which led to the rise of mobile internet usage in 2016, and subsequently the mobile web gave way to applications. The vast majority of time spent on a smartphone is now spent in apps. Hire dedicated mobile app developers, to implement stunning UX. 

3. Easy promotion:

You don’t need to engage a professional marketing staff to promote your software if you use official marketplaces like the App Store for iOS and Google Play for Android. In these stores, there are built-in algorithms based on artificial intelligence processes that “suggest” programs to users based on terms that are similar to ones they have already downloaded in the past. If your application is actually valuable, such a promotion technique might possibly reach millions of people.

4. Push-Notifications

If you send notifications via SMS or messengers such as Viber, Telegram, or WhatsApp, you know how expensive it can be.

Push notifications are an instant benefit of converting a website to a mobile app. Push notifications are the most effective way to keep your customers informed. They’re inexpensive, quick, and convenient. Tie benefit of Android or iOS app development services or either opt flutter.

5. Increasing the competition:

The launch of a mobile application is a critical step in enhancing a company’s image. This boosts brand recognition and solidity in the eyes of users because it is an implicit indicator that the brand is successful on the market and that the owners are willing to invest substantial sums in its further development. As a result, web applications are rapidly losing their use, and their release is no longer associated with anything as significant.

6. Freedom in designing

While web apps rely on browsers to execute basic activities, mobile applications allow you to personalize their design, usage, and layout. An app is more versatile, with features such as swipe, drag, tap, hold, and more. Users will have a great experience with this type of functionality.

7. To access another online market at minimum cost

The another benefit of an application is that it establishes your presence in a new market, which is full of potential clients. Mobile apps differ significantly from webpages, and many people prefer to use them for a variety of reasons. When you create an app, you open doors for yourself. You can get more traffic and conversions by entering them.

8. Mobile features attracts more

Apps make better use of multimedia functions like the camera, contact list, and GPS. Such features can make the user experience more enjoyable, interactive, and time-saving. It shortens the time it takes to complete a task and increases conversions.

9. Build more Loyalty:

For digital firms, loyalty and retention are becoming increasingly important.

Apps can help in a variety of ways. App users are more loyal, spend more time engaging with information, and return more frequently, according to our consumers. As we’ve already noted, the enhanced UX helps, but there’s also something else going on. In the first place, the apps “self-select” for your most devoted users.

10. Mobile apps can be accessed offline

Even in offline mode, apps display information more quickly by pressing on the app’s icon. Users can access basic features and content without having to connect to the internet. Users, on the other hand, require a live internet connection to load and access information on websites. The speed of access is also determined by the speed of the Internet.

11. Increase conversion rate

Mobile apps, unlike web apps, are always present in a phone once installed. It assists in offering a customised experience for the user and can also provide notifications. This frequent connection and accessibility raises the likelihood of conversion.

Go Cross-Platform App Development Choose: Flutter

Go cross-platform app development chose Flutter

Flutter is Google’s mobile app SDK, which includes a framework, widgets, and tools to make it simple for developers to create and launch visually appealing, quick mobile apps for Android and iOS. It’s a terrific new Google technology that combines the best of both worlds: it uses native components and logic to develop apps, and it’s incredibly useful, but it works on both Android and iOS. Hire Flutter app developers so you don’t have to invest in two distinct apps.

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Why go Flutter?

According to a developer poll conducted in 2021, Flutter is the most popular cross-platform mobile framework used by developers worldwide. According to the report, Flutter was used by 42 percent of software developers.

It’s one of the most popular platforms — as of January 2021, Flutter has over 109,600 stars on GitHub, the most popular repository database, topping out React Native! It maintains rank 16 (out of over a thousand other possibilities), with over 20% more stars than similar solutions.

Advantages of Opting Flutter for Mobile App Development – 

  • Fast development
  • Reduced cost
  • Native performance
  • Custom UI
  • Plugins Are Easy To Avail
  • High performance 
  • Superd productivity 
  • Gamification-friendly
  • Google guaranteed
  • Great MVP builder

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Final words –

We’ve gone through the main reasons for developing mobile apps from your existing online app.
ThinkStart Pvt Ltd, a prominent Top Flutter App Development Company in the USA, provides next-generation app development services leveraging Google’s groundbreaking Flutter platform. Hiring our Flutter app development services allows you to create multi-platform apps with smooth animations, beautiful user interfaces, and high performance.


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