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10 Advantages of Building Event Planning App in 2021.

Technology evolves at a breakneck speed, making it difficult to keep up. Most professional event attendees these days have smartphones or tablets in their hands. Because 37% of corporate and conference planners use a mobile event app for their meetings, attendees are increasingly expecting mobile access to information at almost every event they attend, from large conferences to small gatherings.

If you know how to provide top-notch services to your clients, event management can be a lucrative business and there is tremendous growth in the event industry in 2021. Because it’s a growing market, you’ll need to be at the top of your game to stay ahead of the pack. You can do this in several ways, one of which is to create an event app.

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Why is an event app important?

Even though events account for 24 percent of a company’s marketing budget on average, many marketers claim they have no idea how to measure the return on that investment. Metrics like CPM, CPC, and CPAs are all carefully monitored during an online advertising campaign. What makes you think an “offline” event would be any different? Using an event app can help you figure out how to calculate the exact ROI of your event so you can use that information to benchmark future events and improve ROI with each one.

Mobile apps are unavoidable in taking the event experience to the next level, as event planners have realized. The majority of event planners use mobile apps to manage meetings and other events. Apps for event planning are suitable and appealing to attendees. Aside from saving money on printing, event management apps allow organizers to collect data and expand their sponsorship opportunities.

Benefits of Developing Event Planning Application

Benefits of developing event planning application

Having an event app is an absolute must-have for any event. Event apps add value not only for your attendees, but also for your sponsors, speakers, and finally for the event coordinator, allowing you to gain more insight, increase the ROI of your event, and save money on marketing. Here are some benefits of custom event planner application – 

1. Save Time in Communication: 

You can easily collaborate with everyone who is involved in the event by using the application. This saves time and money in communication because anyone can contact you at any time via email or SMS, which can be viewed on the application’s dashboard. Chats are threaded for easy reference and can take place in real-time. It can be used to conduct video conferencing with attendees as well as event organizers.

2. Find real-time analytics:

For everything, there is always room for improvement and enhancement. The same can be said for event management mobile apps. These apps provide real-time event analytics so you can make changes to the app, improve the user experience, and see if your events are on track. This type of knowledge provides useful insight into future events. You must be in touch with Event Planning App Development Company,  to help you to integrate such features and more.

3. Efficiently Manage Multiple Events:

When you have multiple events to manage, all you have to do is click on one of them to find out who is attending and send them important messages. The app can help you find out the status of any event in a matter of minutes. You can add updates to an event as needed and communicate them to the appropriate employees. Following the conclusion of an event, all post-event activities can be recorded here and followed up on by designated employees.

4. Improves Team management:

Event managers, admin, onsite coordinators, and email marketers are among the people who are tasked with organizing an event. An event management app makes it easier to assign a task to the appropriate person, allowing for clear communication. It’s also a good idea to look at how much time each task takes and how far you’ve gotten on it. As a result, it’s a fantastic way to keep everyone up to date on what’s going on.

5. Completely customizable:

Depending on your event management needs and the type of event you organize, such as charity, rock concerts, celebrity events, office functions/events, and so on, you can have as many modules as you want in the application. You can customize the dashboard, event projects, and groups according to your preferences using the app’s features.

6. Facilitate networking:

The majority of those who attend an event do so with the intention of networking and making new connections. Ensure that the event app you use includes a networking platform with built-in features like an activity stream and attendee profile, making it easier for attendees to network.

7. Enhance attendee commitment:

When a person purchases a ticket to an event, he becomes a registrant, but this does not guarantee that he will attend. This scenario is most likely to occur at free events. Here’s yet another reason to use an event planning app. It assists in keeping registrants informed by sending out scheduled reminders, newsletters, and messages. Live polling keeps your audience engaged and alert during the event.

8. Helps to boost revenue:

Customization is what distinguishes a high-quality event management app. A custom app for event planners will go a long way toward giving potential attendees a positive first impression of your mobile app. Everything, from the ticket types to the forms and landing page, is appealing at first glance.

9. Determining event attendance and satisfaction.

Remember that your attendees are consumers, and the process of deciding whether or not to register for your event is essentially the same as deciding whether or not to purchase any other product. Because there will always be others to compare your event too, the best way to set it apart from the competition is to provide the most value for their financial and time investment.

10. Cost-effective

Are you looking for a low-cost way to complete your work? This season’s new trend is to have a long-lasting event management app. A custom app for an event planner can be much less expensive than printing leaflets, signage, enrolment forms, and other necessary materials. As a result, you’ll save money as well as paper. People can also be notified of last-minute changes to the event via push notifications.

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Must-have Features of Event Planning App Development

Must-have Features of Event Planning App Development

Interactive venue maps: Indoor navigation capabilities are especially important during large events in labyrinth-like spaces. In this case, AR comes in handy. When you open the app, you’ll see a map of the venue with arrows and pointers pointing to specific areas. Hiring a top UI/UX developer is the first step toward implementing AR maps.

Time and Location Feeds: It’s pointless to just announce what event you or someone else is hosting. The majority of users would prefer not to look it up on the internet. This is why a live feed of event time, date, location, and other related information is a must-have feature.

Online Ticket Purchases: It isn’t enough to simply list the events. Make it possible to make a purchase, such as buying tickets online through your event app. While doing so, make sure you give users a variety of payment options to make the task as simple and convenient as possible.

Social Media Integration: Social media integration is a crucial feature that can make or break the popularity of your app. Hire app developers to create a stunning app for Clients and event attendees to enjoy making new connections and sharing their experiences on social media platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

Event schedule: This feature will contain extensive information about the speakers. Offering some customization options, such as the ability to create a personal schedule by selecting the events you want to attend, would be a good idea.

Push Notifications: Push notifications are a must-have feature of any app, whether you’re developing an iPhone app or an Android app. It keeps your users coming back by notifying them of new content and upcoming events. 

Gallery: Every event planning app should include a gallery where users can upload photos and videos from the events. It is, after all, one of the most important events management tools. Additionally, these images are required to attract clients. They can see how capable and successful your event management company is by looking at these images.

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Conclusion – 

Event planning app development could be the right investment for you if you’re an event planner looking to maximize your efforts, a business looking to organize a series of events to fuel growth, or an entrepreneur looking for new and exciting opportunities in mobile development market.

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