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How Much Does it Cost to Develop an Event Planning App like Whova?

The event industry is unfolding at the speed of light and one of the best ways to capitalize on its fierce growth is by building event apps. The mobile apps are revolutionary, they constantly change our way of living and our living standards. 

Mobile apps aren’t a need anymore they are a necessity. With the cross-platform app development available they ruling like never before. 

No industry is left behind since the era of globalization of app development. Let’s understand how this digitalization has changed the Event industry –

Why is an Event Planning App a Good Investment?

In the event planning industry, mobile applications have a significant impact on the way market participants oversee their business and lure clients. Apps provide users with more adaptable ways to get information and modern updates about upcoming events. 

However, it enriches the user experience by procuring attendees with a comfortable way to decide on an event, comprehend detailed information about it, register, and help them recollect about their expectations in progression.

What is the Whova app?

There are so many various event planning solutions, most are toiled for one function, making it time-consuming and pricey to maneuver numerous pieces of software. Whova all-in-one event management software enables you to easily organize your virtual, in-person, or composite event from commencing to cease within a single system. Whova app contributes flexibility to opt-in or out of specific functionalities according to your necessities such as logistic management tools, conference management software, attendee, and exhibitor engagement solutions.

Types of Event Apps-

You have perhaps seen different events around you and for every particular segment of events, there is a dedicated event app for every occasion. Therefore, various types of event management apps can be categorized depending on the works such as-

  • Conferences and Business Meetings
  • Festival apps
  • Wedding planning apps
  • Local event apps

Benefits Of Event Planning App-

An event planning app can provide numerous benefits, some are as follows- 

  • Users can coordinate with various stakeholders using one platform. The larger an event, the more stakeholders are involved. A one-stop platform is beneficial.
  • Revenue is expected to show an annual growth rate (CAGR 2019-2023) of 9.4%, resulting in a market volume of US$105,359m by 2023.
  • Event planning apps deliver granular-level sight to your event. This enables you to keep the expenses within your budget.
  • Top event planning apps empower a detailed workflow accordingly, you can stay in control of the entire event lifecycle.
  • Big events unfailingly have a large set of data aspects. Event planning apps with their databases can help manage this.

Functions and Features of Event Planning App-

Necessary functions & features for event planning apps:


Mapping is a mandatory feature to enforce if you aspire to create a mobile event app that will get an outstanding ranking among users. This will enable smartphone owners to effortlessly understand how to find a venue where their event will take place. This feature is a real problem solver when a user comes from a different city to attend an event. It is barely possible to visualize an affiliated application to not implement geolocation.

Social Sharing:

This feature links all the Linking with social networks which further allow users to share information about the event they are going to attend. It improves the quality of the user experience and helps you promote your events. Social sharing empowers you with a cheap, productive, and self-reliant promotion tool. Likewise, it will also heighten the  user engagement and let your app earn more positive feedback.


This feature is what an event planning app is built for. It is an essential function that makes a mobile app an actual assistant. Scheduling comprises setting the indispensable data when a forthcoming event will be held by selecting it in the calendar and allotting the exact time. Scheduling also encompasses a refined system of notifications to make sure a user will attend a notable event. Accordingly, such applications must have a built-in calendar with configurable lookouts.

Automatic Updates:

Your app has to be able to deliver users with actual information. If an application includes inscriptions of the events that have already been upheld, it can mystify users and submit them with a negative experience while using your application. Your event software development services providers must provide you with regular automatic updates of your app.

Program Preview:

A potentially thriving event planning app also has to procure supplementary useful information, such as narratives of speakers and instructions on how attendees can get a manuscript of a presentation. Printed promo fabrics and agendas are in the past. Incorporate all this data in your app and users will be appreciative for not making them carry a lot of papers and packages during an event.

What does the Event Planning App Development Cost? 

What does the event planning app development cost

It is slightly difficult to say about the exact cost of event app development. But found on the development framework, technology use, development time, and features, here are some analyses of cost-

Event application with fundamental features may take around a couple of months and the development cost may be between $6000-$10,000.

Event application with more complex features- Enterprise status of event app with complex features such as APIs integration, Cloud environment, high-quality user interface, large database, etc., expects the development cost would be around $25k-$30k.


Currently, 85% of event planners use mobile apps for events, 61% use event marketing tools, and 54% use survey tools. So investing in event planning can never go wrong. 

So you are here, which means that you want to create an event app or at least think about it, right? We happen to know the best Mobile app development company in California, that can suit all your needs and wants. With the team of expert developers and all the latest tech stack to craft your idea of the app into reality. 

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