Websites for Plumbers and Service Professionals

Websites for Plumbers and Service Professionals

October 16, 2020 . 3 min read

There are nearly 106,947 plumbers in the USA with an average age of employee 39.1 and an average wages of $88,586 per year. This makes it more than $10 Billion industry an year. This industry is having a growth rate of 3.43% every year. Every house, business, public utilities need plumbers on a regular basis for installation, maintenance, repair, emergency, replacement, and inspection.

This market is mainly unorganized and works in offline mode. However, these days there are many initiatives from various IT companies to provide properly manageable tools to them. With the help of which they can get customers, manage their employees, manage operations and many other things. However, there are still many of these plumbers are not well connected with IT, the main reason behind that is the lack of knowledge and complexities of software. So, for such plumbers, we have developed a platform called Quigig, it is owned by Quigig Inc.

Quigig help customers to get quotations from nearby plumbers and hire them quickly through its website and mobile application. In a similar way, plumbers can easily use their simple website or mobile application to bid on a requirement and get hired instantly. Even if they don’t have to worry about the payment, as they can take payment as cash or they can accept online payment in the platform itself. This platform also comes with a CRM which helps them to connect their employees and clients under a single application. Quigig even helps plumbers to send invoices and get paid to their on or off platform clients. It’s chat system help them to do all these functions because every plumber is assumed to be using some chat applications like Skype, Whatsapp or Messenger. This makes Quigig stand simple, quick and easy to use by every age group user.  

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We at ThinkStart Pvt Ltd. also provide custom IT services to plumbers and plumbing agencies. If they need a dedicated website or their own mobile application as per their needs then, we can develop an affordable and effective website and mobile applications for them. Our vision is to help every small level industry with our IT services. So, they can manage their business easily and they can concentrate more on their service quality instead of management.

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