PHP is an acronym of “Hypertext Pre-Processor” it is one of the most accepted and popular server side scripting languages, generally used for creating websites and web applications. It is fast, reliable, and secure, which make it a widely-preferred choice for developers.

PHP development is so vast that 79% of websites, including major world brands such as Facebook, Wikipedia, Slack, and Yahoo list PHP in their technology stacks.

Let’s take a look on why would you consider PHP Development:

Simplicity– Coding in PHP is like writing an essay, yes it is that simple, except the essay is a piece of code that instructs it to create and run websites in the most resourceful method possible.

Excellent when works with CMS– PHP is fully customizable, it allows developers to change codes and transform to meet all the requirements with ease because Content Management Systems like WordPress, Drupal, Joomla and others are mainly based on PHP. Therefore PHP work exceptionally well with CMS.

Versatile– A code created in PHP can run on any platform. Platforms as diverse as Windows, Unix, and Linux, with the additional ability to interface their website with MySQL and Apace.

Flexible and scalable– Facebook the biggest social media network runs on PHP, The expediency of PHP for such a dynamic platform has also led to the making of “Hack” – by facebook . This shows the echelon of flexibility, robustness, and scalability that is built into PHP.

Extensions and other add-ons– PHP is the most adaptive language in website development, as it allows PHP programmer to be creative and innovative and add more updated functionalities that keep the end users captivated.

Some popular PHP frameworks are;-
  • Laravel
  • Symphony
  • Codelgniter
  • Cake PHP
  • Yii

Why opt as your PHP Development Company USA?

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