Node.js is a cross-platform and open-source JavaScript run-time environment that implements JavaScript code outside of a browser. This programming language came into the spirit with an idea of expanding the use of JavaScript in the web browser.

Amassing more than a million downloads, Node.js prospers to build real-time applications. Walmart, Netflix, Mozilla, GoDaddy, Pay Pal, Uber, and Microsoft all these tech brands are using Nodejs development service to offer a real-time experience to their users.

Nodejs key features are:

  • It is extremely fast
  • Lightweight and Scalable
  • Single-Threaded
  • High-Performance
  • Cross-Platform Development
  • Single Codebase

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  • eCommerce/Shopping Cart Development
  • Web app development
  • Plugins Development
  • Backend and Dashboard Development
  • AJAX development