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On-Demand Voice Chat App Development like Clubhouse: Key Features, Cost, and Benefits.

On-Demand Voice Chat App Development like Clubhouse Key Features, Cost, and Benefits TS

The success of the Clubhouse social app is one of the hottest topics these days, but is the concept behind the mobile app truly unique and uncopyable? We examine Clubhouse in-depth, including its features and whether you can create an app similar to Clubhouse.

The clubhouse has surpassed 11 million downloads globally in less than a year since its launch in April 2020. The Clubhouse social app’s rise to fame was steady from the start, but its popularity skyrocketed at the start of 2021.

Let’s look at how you can create an app similar to Clubhouse

What is a Clubhouse?

The Clubhouse is a voice-only social networking software that allows users to engage with one another through chat rooms. To access the invitation-only app, you’ll need an invitation from one of the current users.

You can join a variety of communities made by users. You are welcome to join and participate in the ongoing discussion. When a user registers for the first time, they are muted, but they can unmute themselves while participating in a conversation. The app’s exclusivity is ensured by the invitation-only requirement

What makes this Voice Chat App – Clubhouse, Unique among the Rest?

Find out about the major attraction areas that the app-like clubhouse offers to the world exclusively.

Its Invite-only exclusive feature: The app includes an invite-only feature to give everyone a sense of exclusivity.

Its Hands-free experience: The app caters to audio-based unscripted and unrecorded conversations, with no audio and live-only conversations available for a hands-free experience.

Strong technical component: building a podcast platform isn’t easy. You’ll need a large team of experts who know how to create a Clubhouse-style app and ensure that it performs to its full potential. Clubhouse had just such a group.

Minimalistic app design: These UI/UX trends are currently very popular. The interface design is very simple and based on the use of emoji, with no unnecessary details: these UI/UX trends are very popular.

No-limitations to choose rooms: The app removes restrictions on selecting rooms by allowing users to do so while participating in conversations.

Profile Optimization: Whether it’s about mental health, technology, or industry-related discussions, one can get their interest-related feeds.

Benefits of the Voice Chat App Development like Clubhouse

Benefits of the Voice Chat App Development like Clubhouse

So, now that we’ve covered Clubhouse’s uniqueness, popularity, market potential, and operation, let’s look at how businesses can benefit from Clubhouse and apps with similar features and functionalities.

  • Uplift your Business growth:

Clubhouse and other voice chat app development, like Clubhouse, allow you to build a unique audience of people who could be potential customers of your business because the app has a UNIQUE feature stack.

  • Industry-specific, connect with people who love the same niche:

Every day, a wide range of topics are discussed on the app, and users can meet an endless number of experts. As a result, you’ll be able to find the right one for any situation.

  • Professional expertise demonstration: 

Clubhouse can be used as an additional platform to demonstrate your expertise and knowledge in your field. To improve the usefulness of the provided content, using chatbot development is ideal to invite experts from related fields of activity to the discussion. You can talk about topics that your customers might be interested in.

  • Cater a meeting space for a wide audience:

Compared to Zoom, which has 100 users, and Google Meeting, which has 1000, Clubhouse has a user limit of 5000, which appears to be a significant upgrade. The app gives you more room to broadcast your ideas to a larger audience.

  • Time-saving:

 Time is money, and each minute is worth its weight in gold. And the Clubhouse communication format is a great way to discuss professional topics while also doing other important things. Isn’t it true that no one sees you? It’s just that you’re being heard.

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Features of Voice Chat Application like Clubhouse 

Features of Voice Chat Application like Clubhouse 

Clubhouse is a firm believer in minimalism and simplicity in all aspects of life. This includes, among other things, functionality. That’s why Clubhouse includes only the most essential features: nothing should divert the user’s attention away from the main application task, which is voice communication.


The Clubhouse has a built-in feature that allows you to sign up or log in with your email or social media account. As a result, both the signup and login processes will be expedited. In addition, users who are invited will begin the sign-in process, while others will remain in the meeting list after selecting a username.

Customizable personal profile:

 A personal profile that can be customized: You’ve completed the first step and are now registered (though, not necessarily you, any user). You can now specify your interests, follow specific clubs and people, and provide information about yourself (to do this, fill in the appropriate field in the header of your profile). You can go with iOS or Android development. You choose Flutter App Development for Voice chat app, for larger audience gain.


You can get used to seeing what’s going on in the Clubhouse feed section. Users will be presented with a variety of destinations that occur in the rooms. Furthermore, you will be able to see who is present in the room. Instead, the feed includes both current and upcoming events.

Audio feature:

Due to the fact that this social network relies on voice communication (specifically, voice chats), microphone access is required. However, when we talk about podcast app development, we’ll go over the audio component in greater depth. To get the best features to hire an On-Demand voice chat app development Company.


Users can check in here to see what’s new in their Clubhouse community. When someone from a user’s contact list signs up for the app, it shows up in the Activity section. With that people will also be able to chat with this Messaging App Like WhatsApp.

Screen sharing:

The following apps may benefit from screen sharing: corporate communication apps and education apps. Allow users to use screen-sharing features to improve their presentations. For people who prefer visual comprehension, this feature may help to strengthen the speech and make the app easier to use.

Push Notifications:

Users are notified when people they follow become listeners in new rooms or create their own rooms.

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Cost to build a Voice Messaging App like Clubhouse

Cost to build a Voice Messaging App like Clubhouse

Following are some of the factors that influence the cost of creating a clubhouse app for casual voice chat:

  • Platform – iOS, android, cross-platform 
  • Tech stack used 
  • Features implemented 
  • Location of the developer 

The hourly rate of developers is one of the most important factors that influence the cost of a project, and it often varies depending on their position. According to the research, the cost of developing an app like Clubhouse is approximately $10,000.

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Conclusion –

The Clubhouse serves a variety of purposes, and their success can fluctuate from day to day. As a result, spending money to create an app like Clubhouse is a brilliant decision.
If you want to create your own social app like Clubhouse but don’t know where to start, contact ThinkStart Pvt Ltd for help. We are one of the leading mobile app development companies in California with a team of skilled professionals who create a beautiful and functional app for all of your requirements.


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