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How to Develop an On-Demand Marketplace App like Amazon – Features and Cost.

How to Develop an On-Demand Marketplace App like Amazon - Features, and Cost

Developing an on-demand marketplace app has become a major revolution in today’s society, after eCommerce. Marketplace apps, like eCommerce, work to give the proper products and services to demanding customers. Furthermore, different apps in the same category exist, such as an investment marketplace, a business app marketplace, and so on. However, in this essay, we’ll talk about the price and features of product/services-based marketplace.

Let’s check out all about how Develop a marketplace app like Amazon – 

What is Marketplace App?

The mobile marketplace was created specifically for easy, convenient purchasing on a smartphone or tablet. Make certain they aren’t confused with retail apps like H&M or C2C commercial marketplaces like Carousell.

Marketplace apps come in a variety of sizes, types of products, and ways of promoting themselves, among other things.

The most significant distinction between an online store and a marketplace is that the latter allows independent businesses to list their services or items.

Unlike online retailers, who exclusively sell their own goods and services at whatever price they want and control the payment and delivery mechanisms, things are completely different in the case of a marketplace app.

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How Do Online Marketplaces Apps Work?

Multi-Vendor marketplace apps like Amazon, online marketplaces bring buyers and sellers together. They operate as digital middlemen, connecting buyers and sellers to complete transactions quickly. Customers can choose what they want to buy, while merchants can offer a variety of things.

Types of Online Marketplace

  • eCommerce is all about selling, purchasing, and services offered by resellers and merchants
  • Buyer-oriented e-marketplace
  • Supplier-oriented e-marketplace
  • Vertical and Horizontal e-marketplaces
  • Independent e-marketplace
  • eCommerce Target Audience
  • B2B (Business to Business)
  • B2C (Business to Customer)
  • C2C (Customer to Customer)

What is an Amazon Marketplace App?

Amazon is the world’s most popular E-commerce platform, with online retail, consumer electronics, computing services, digital content, and other local services like daily specials and food deliveries.

The majority of the earnings comes from the selling of items and other electronics via the internet. Amazon’s online shopping app has become one of the most valuable corporations in the world today due to its global appeal and tremendous reach.

Amazon offers an on-demand video membership service called ‘Amazon Prime’ in addition to an online marketplace for individuals and companies.

Statistics and Facts About the Usage and Revenue Generated by marketplace Mobile Apps

  • According to the survey, US customers are becoming more reliant on internet purchasing, with 95% of purchases expected to be performed online by 2040.
  • According to the report, 48% of internet buyers usually overspend or buy things they didn’t want to buy while shopping online. It’s also worth noting that 85 percent of shoppers begin their buying journey on one gadget and end it on another.
  • According to a survey, 68 percent of women said they examine product reviews before making a purchase, and 56 percent check for product suggestions on social media platforms.
  • With a digital population of 687.6 million people and a 74 percent active e-commerce penetration rate, the online retail business is expected to be worth $73 billion by 2020.
  • Multi-Vendor marketplace app like Amazon for about 10% of retail sales in the United States, and this figure is predicted to rise by nearly 15% each year.
Statistics and Facts About the Usage and Revenue Generated by marketplace Mobile Apps

Key Features of the Market of Marketplace Application 

To develop a marketplace app like Amazon you must implement, features as such

Users panel – 

  • Social & Sign-up Login
  • Product listing with features
  • Product detail page
  • Ratings & reviews
  • Favourites listing
  • Questions & Answers
  • User profile
  • Billing & shipping addresses
  • Delivery status
  • Add to cart
  • Checkout page
  • Order history & tracking

Admin panel –

  • User & admin user management
  • Product & seller management
  • Logistics & banner management
  • Offers & discount management
  • Payment & refunds management
  • Category management
  • Feedback & support
  • Reports & analysis

Sellers panel – 

  • Social and Sign-up Login
  • The product, order, returns, and inventory management
  • Reports & analysis
  • Offers & discounts
  • Settlement module
  • Feedback & seller support
  • Notifications
  • Ratings & reviews

Must-Have Features of Marketplace Apps

Must-Have Features of Marketplace Apps

Seamless Registration Process:

A simple registration process can help a marketplace app retain a large number of customers. You should make the registration procedure as simple and quick as possible so that users don’t have to wait long to utilize your app.

Push notification:

As your marketplace app builder may have told you, push notifications may be the only option (that truly works) to keep consumers engaged with your marketplace app. When done correctly with the right push notification tactics, the power of informing consumers of what they’re missing can help define the success of your product.

Photo Shopping:

This feature aids shoppers in locating a product even if they are unfamiliar with the brand or name. They can just search for a product using the image. This feature is currently being used by a number of web giants.

Augmented Reality:

Integrate augmented reality technologies into your marketplace app. It enables your app to provide visitors with the opportunity to visually inspect products and services before making a payment. To get the best advantage of these, Hire UIUX Designer and Developers.

Voice Search:

This innovation will soon change the way people search for products and services. This functionality must be optimized in such a way that the product information is compatible with the voice search criteria.

Report & Analytics:

 Admin can view the current status, reports, and analytics of delivered and available products. The dashboard, which displays all of the sellers, customers, and firm status, is managed by the administrator.

Offer and Discount Management:

 One of the most common and effective methods of increasing sales is to give a discount or special offer. The admin can create a discount/offer strategy for sellers based on the conditions and services to help them sell more

Add to cart:

A lot of the time, eCommerce shoppers aren’t ready to buy something right away and want to store it for later. In this situation, they prefer the add to cart option, which allows them to save the product for later purchase

Multiple Payment Options:

Customers have varying attitudes and methods for making online payments. As a result, it’s always a good idea to give your clients a variety of payment options by utilizing several payment gateways.

The Cost to Develop a Marketplace App Like Amazon

Estimating the exact Mobile app development cost on the other hand, may be a difficult undertaking. The price of developing a marketplace app is determined on the features you desire. It also relies on the platforms used and the number of hours spent developing the app by developers.

If you want to create a fully configurable e-marketplace software, you’ll have to start from scratch for that you must Hire a skilled team of developers. Although creating a customized app is costly, it provides a number of advantages.

The basic cost would be in the range of $10000 to $20000. Keeping all of the above aspects in mind, the development cost for a single platform would be around $23000-$50000.

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Conclusion –

Finally, do you have any marketplace app development ideas? Or are you interested in learning how to create an app similar to Amazon’s? If this is the case, contact a Best Mobile App Development Company.

Please contact us for get a quote for an on-demand Marketplace Amazon like app or to see how much it costs to design an Amazon-like app.


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