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How To Develop A Language Learning App Like Duolingo!

Learning a new language is not a luxury anymore – it is deliberately becoming essential. Whether you are striving to improve your business, go beyond the edges or cultivate human relations worldwide, you prefer to have a grab over ‘their language’.

People have invariably been curious about learning foreign languages. Online language learning apps have freed myriad opportunities for millions of people around the world. They learn languages for the voyage, business, and self-improvement. Surprisingly, many people do not even want a particular purpose.

But the good news is that the emergence of an easy-to-use language learning app is making learning a piece of cake with apps like Duolingo.

What is Duolingo?

Duolingo is one of the best language learning apps. It provides users with modest exercises and takes a gamified approach. These exercises focus on summarizing words, sentences, and phrases from the language users are learning into their aboriginal language, and vice versa.

Why is Duolingo trending?

Online learning has precisely taken over the world. There’s no halting the increasing infatuation with language learning. With online learning, chatbots appeared too. The chattering chatbots are the reason behind the enormous success of an app like Duolingo. They are successfully making people emperor in languages.

How Duolingo works

Thereupon users sign in to the Duolingo app, they are delivered with a list of languages to commence learning. After taking the yield of a language, the app requires them to select their recent level of knowledge. If they are not sure what degree to pick, Duolingo users can take a test to examine their knowledge of the language they wish to learn.

The learning procedure starts with the basics, Users are provided simple words like alphabets, numbers, etc. As users advance, the levels get increasingly harder.

To add gamification, Duolingo provides users three tries to clear every level. If they fail on the third attempt, the app makes them repeat the full level.

Duolingo is not just a mobile app; it’s a broad platform that users can access via the web browser.

How to make a language learning app like Duolingo

Firstly, let’s comprehend what you require to take into consideration if you want to create an app like Duolingo.

  • Convenient format – Provide your users’ latitude when selecting an optimal way of activity language skills, as Duolingo does it. Strive to meet all feasible needs: you’ll accomplish this objective due to the content that should be as distinct as apparent (video, audio, text, pictures, etc.)
  • Integration of social networks – The characteristic simplifies the enrollment system and facilitates you to merge user data from a social network.  So, a user won’t forfeit his time countering the typical questions about his name, location, age, and so on.
  • Gamification – Training is traditionally correlated with tedium – although it should not be tiring! Mobile applications have long swiveled the language learning technique into a kind of thrilling game with a strategy of bonuses, inducements, accomplishments, and the opportunity to contend with other users with machine learning technology.  The Commemorate their example and add a game element to your Duolingo clone app!
  • As clear as possible – Make sure that your assistance will be beneficial for the learner with any category of language knowledge. Furnish your app with prompts and advice, formulate a chatbot, and if the bot has ceased to function – allow the user to reach out to someone from the support team.
  • Soliciting design – Your language learning app must be pleasant and easy to use. It implies that the user interface design should be user-friendly, neat, without overloading with pieces. Of course, you won’t do without the help of UI/UX designers!
  • iOS & Android – Since numerous users prefer varied devices, you will have to make sure that your mobile service functions correctly on both iOS & Android platforms. This will improve your language app development costs, but you have no other way to achieve future success.

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Features you should consider in Your language learning app like Duolingo.

Features you should consider in Your language learning app like Duolingo.

  • Gamification features – points system

Gamification is a core element of the Duolingo app. It is enforced in different aspects. First of all, there are lingots – local money. They can be used to obtain bonus lessons or cosmetic items for a mascot.

  • Push notifications

Duolingo just will not let you go. It would prompt you that you have a lesson to finish if you evacuate the app for a day or two. It bestows the motivation sector of an app by reminding users how inactive they have been lately.

  • Offline mode

Duolingo doesn’t compel a reliable Internet connection from the user at all times. One can accomplish the courses even in a low service area too. If the set of exercises is pre-downloaded. The function is very helpful for those who consume many hours in the Wi-Fi-less region or elsewhere without an Internet connection and with a smartphone in their hands.

  • Clubs

The Clubs feature furnishes the user with a probability to interact with other Duolingo enthusiasts. They may create a club or join one of the prevailing ones by seizing advantage of the “Find me a club” option.

  • Profile and settings

The personal profile comprises all the information about the user and enables him to rectify his growth in training. Therefore, the profile is editable. Additionally, the user can rewrite personal information or settings whenever he wants.

How Much Does It Cost to Create an App Like Duolingo?

As you see, creating an app like Duolingo is not as simple. It’s a rewarding undertaking. The higher your investment and financing quantities are the more progressive features of chatbots you can deliver. The cost to develop a Duolingo language learning app banks on design and development features:


This phase can last about 200+ hours and the cost relies on the UI research, UX map, Logo production, and Application screen developments. All these are the significant steps of the design degree and the designing cost can vary between $5000 to $7000.


Duolingo is the outcome of a robust and strategic mobile app development, and if you want the same thing, you may need powerful backend development and QA engineering. The cost also leans on the platform, when you hire dedicated iOS app developers. All these are the vital steps of the development stage and the development cost can fluctuate between $5000 to $7000.

Wrapping Up:

There’s a lot that takes off into designing a language learning app like Duolingo. The Cost to develop a Duolingo language learning app is enormous but the end-result is incredibly profitable and equally rewarding.

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