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How Much Does it Cost to Develop On-Demand Boat Rental App like GetMyBoat.

No one can deny that they enjoy boating, water sports, and fishing. Boating is widely regarded as the best method to appreciate natural beauty. They believe it is at its best when viewed from the water. The majority of the time, people either hire a boat driver or ride it alone. In both circumstances, a mobile app for an on-demand boat rental is the ideal answer to suit the user’s boating needs.

Many boat rental companies are tying up with Boat Rental Apps development in order to reach a bigger audience. These types of services are becoming increasingly popular in coastal areas, and as a result, businesses for on-demand boat rental apps are growing to accommodate a big user base.

But first,

What is a Boat Rental App & How it Works?

What is a Boat Rental App & How it Works?

A boat rental mobile app will function as a middleman between customers and boat rental companies, allowing users to hire a boat in a matter of minutes. We’ve seen how on-demand mobile app development has changed numerous industries in recent years, like cab booking, food delivery, and ticket ticketing, to name a few. When users book, they get all of the information they need, such as fares, time estimates, distance, ratings, and so on.

The same model is great for the boat renting app as well. Here is the overall flow of a boat renting  mobile app:

  • Customers will create an account and connect to the app before searching for the city, state, or nation where they wish to hire a boat.
  • After submitting the search, the users will be shown a list of available boats, yachts, watercraft, and so on. Customers can also sort or filter the results according to their preferences.
  • Customers can either reserve the yacht or contact the owner after seeing all of the information.
  • The customer will then check the boat’s availability and pay for the reservation.
  • A receipt and confirmation of booking will be sent to the consumer through email.

How GetMyBoat is making a splash in the marketplace? 

Since its beta introduction in 2013, this peer-to-peer boat rental and charter marketplace has grown to include 35,000 boats in 143 countries and 3,800 cities.

When the company’s founders, Sascha Mornell and Raf Collado, were sailing across the Atlantic a decade ago, they came up with the idea. Collado couldn’t help but notice the number of boats sitting idle in marinas, given the hefty expense of ownership.

The idea took a bit to come to fruition, but with the rise of the “sharing economy,” GetMyBoat app was created. This upward trend continued till 2021. GetMyBoat’s gross bookings increased 700 percent from January to April 2021 compared to the same period last year, the company stated, breaking the previous record established in July 2020.

Benefits Of Boat Rental Mobile App Development

Benefits Of Boat Rental Mobile App Development

Many people may feel limited when they want to take advantage of a fantastic charter opportunity, but a boat rental app may make the whole process much better and easier. Let’s look at the advantages of creating a mobile app for boat rentals for both customers and providers:

  • Connectivity

A boat booking mobile app has many advantages for both customers and boat owners. An On-Demand Boat Rental App Development will make it simple for boat owners and borrowers to connect in the boat leasing industry. The boat rental mobile app gives a list of boat details and guides renters through the process of locating suitable listings with improved filtering capabilities.

  • Cut manual workload

Using a digital solution for your traditional booking firm would, without a doubt, reduce manual labor and improve customer service. All of the reservations will be in sync, and the availability will be updated with each reservation. A decent booking app takes the stress out of the procedure.

  • Accessibility tickets

Do you know that in the past year, more than half of all purchases in the United States were done using a smartphone? It isn’t even worth a surprised reaction because everyone has their smartphone in their hand, even when they are out and about. You may buy nearly anything from the world of e-commerce with this portable gateway.

  • 24 x 7 Booking available

While the traditional booking system is only available during business hours, a customer can utilise a mobile booking app to make a reservation at any time. Because working hours are not restricted, sales are maximised. Furthermore, studies show that renting a boat 24 hours a day, seven days a week boosts the amount of bookings.

  • Management

It is simple to manage listed boats and their trip details, as well as the user’s details, using a boat renting mobile app. The mobile app’s backend will gather, categorise, and securely store all of the data.

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Features of a Boat Rental App Development 

Features of a Boat Rental App Development 

It’s critical that the features you’ve included in your app are built with user purpose in mind. When you work with a professional team, it becomes much easier to figure out how the programme works. We’ve compiled a list of features that your app should have over the years. Hire mobile app developers team in California to integrate these features in your app.

Some of these characteristics are common to most programmes, and they are designed to enhance their functionality.


Simple Login: The user will land in this section first. The user can log in to the app using his or her email address or credentials from social media sites.

Multiple Boat options: users can reserve the boat for a variety of activities, including water sports, sailing, and fishing.

Schedule Booking: Users can select the boat and get a general notion of its essential details in order to schedule the booking in a timely manner.

Book Now:  If a user has a pressing need or a specific requirement, this option allows them to book a boat for rent right away.

Price calculator:: In this part, users can establish the subsequent KM ranges and calculate the fare charges based on the distance to be covered

Payments & Receipts: Users can pay the incurred fare charges with the proper ride receipts thanks to the integration of all digital payment solutions.

Notification & Alerts: Users receive notifications, alerts, and SMS on booking confirmation, app upgrades, and payment transfers, among other things.


Dashboard: The admin may handle both the users and the boat owners. He has access to all boat rental requests, both processed and unprocessed.

Boat Management: The admin may keep track of all the boats that are linked to the app, as well as those that are assigned to users, in this part.

Customer Management: This category contains all of the app’s users who are being tracked and stored.

Payment Manager: For developing transparent transaction systems, all payment gateways, payment data, and commission amounts are controlled and recorded.

Reporting & Analytics: For the purpose of optimizing business operations, all real-time reports related with boat renting details such as the most popular boat category, the number of orders accumulated, and so on are graphed in the form of reports.


Login: This works in the same way as the user panel. The boat owner can log in using a one-time password (OTP) provided to their phone or email account.

Accept/Reject user request: The owner can confirm/accept or reject a user’s request based on the number and type of requests.

Manage the captain details: The boat owner is in charge of all captains who work for the boat rental firm. Users can look at their profiles to learn more about their experience and skills.

Manage the boat types: Admin is in charge of all boat kinds for various reasons such as sailing, fishing, cooking, water sports, and so on.

Set hourly rates: The owner can enter their boat rental criteria in this section. They can also control boat pricing, fares, and other fees.

Manage earningsOwners can check their earnings weekly or monthly, depending on the amount of users requested.

Monetization Strategies For Boat Rental Business App

Monetization Strategies For Boat Rental Business App

Here are the primary monetization strategies for your mobile app:

  • Commissions

Depending on the type of boat, you can charge the owners a specific commission. For example, a small boat of less than 16 metres can be charged 15%, whereas a yacht of more than 24 metres can be charged 20%.

  • Featured Listing

Many boat or yacht owners are eager to have their listing mentioned. Having a featured listing allows them to stand out from the crowd of other boat owners. Depending on the sort of costs for a featured listing, you can charge a specific fee.

  • Advertisement selling

You can also incorporate advertising to make money through your app. In order to get paid ads on your mobile app, you have to first make it popular. The number of downloads of your app shows its popularity. After your app gets popular, you can choose an advertising network, and implement its SDK on the app.

  • eCommerce Integration

Integrating the eCommerce functionality on your mobile app will let you make money in the long run. You can either charge the boat owners to get listed, make commissions, implement subscription functionality, etc.

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How Much Does It Cost To Develop a On-Demand Boat Rental App Development?

Let us now calculate the cost of developing a mobile app for on-demand boat rentals. The project is not particularly expensive, and it will produce excellent results if the staff chosen has been thoroughly vetted. The cost of a mobile app is estimated based on the complexity of the app and the features to be added.

The cost of developing a significant app with the following capabilities will be in the range of $12,000 to $20,000. Developing a completely functional app with all of the advanced and sound technical parameters, on the other hand, will cost a bit more, but the possibilities of your app being a total hit will increase.

Conclusion –

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