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How IHOMI Become a Top Music Instrument Company in LA, California – Success Story!

One might always wonder of things they haven’t tried, we often wonder, what it would be like having an E-commerce store and to find out that, here in this blog we are going to share with you an amazing journey of a store who walked right through the stairs of the online world and has gained so much popularity with a tremendous hike in sales.

Having an online eCommerce store is not just a move toward digitization but it is so much more than that, in this digital age, where things are better online, the future has no boundaries, the online store is the step that assures you that the sky is not the limit anymore, and what we have learned from 2020 is nothing is stable offline, thus one has to be prepared for any crisis with your online presence.

We all share one thing in common and that is our love for music, don’t we? But some of us have it a little more than the rest. The music industry has become one of the leading industries in the world, with thousands of people depending on it for their living, it is more than just a hobby but rather it has become a profession of passion. Today, this blog features one of the most remarkable stores in California.

The International House of Music Inc. is one of the most prominent musical instrument stores in Los Angeles, California. Offering every type of top musical instrument brands, one can think of IHOMI allows you to order online, delivers at your door, and not only that, it even allows you to track your order all the way.

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Let’s hear from IHOMI about their journey from an offline store to evolving as one of the leading online music instrument stores in Los Angeles.


1. What brought IHOMI into the version of having an online platform?
As one of the biggest independent family-owned music store, in the United States, our next move was to make a presence in eCommerce. The future of our business is shifting in that direction, with our customer service and an easy way of shopping, we expect to keep growing each year.

2. Why did IHOMI choose to work with ThinkStart?
We chose to work with ThinkStart because of the excellent service they provided to one of our friend’s websites. As they provide top digital marketing services in California.

3. What are the significant changes in the business IHOMI has experienced after establishing an online store?
Big difference. For one, since we launched (ihomi.com), the sales have surpassed the last five years combined. We believe this is possible because of the platform ThinkStart recommended for our business. A Magento based website has allowed us to connect with our customers and offer them a comfortable purchasing experience.

4. How has ThinkStart been IHOMI’s best choice?
We know we made the best choice because of their excellent reliable service and ability to meet deadlines. Among other mobile app development companies in Los Angeles, ThinkStart Pvt Ltd. are has proven its work and has been our best choice indeed.

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The journey of International House of Music – IHOMI started with ThinkStart Pvt Ltd in the year 2018 and ever since IHOMI has not only been our client but a friend. With the word, we can say IHOMI is one of the best guitar stores in California, and you can find every other instrument available on site too, we are so honored to have been a part of IHOMI’s incredible journey and wish them nothing but the best.

That was the definitive idea of what it is to move forward into the world of digitization, your business gets better with each day passing. If you are planning on investing in the online market and take your store to its digital venture, join hands with us. For more information or to discuss your future projects with us, you can connect us at- [email protected].


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