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Creating Progressive Web App with Vue.js Frontend Development.

Creating Progressive Web App with Vue.js Frontend Development

With the growing popularity of mobile devices in recent years, it has become increasingly vital for web developers to anticipate the needs of mobile consumers. The capacity to accommodate varied screen sizes was the initial stage, necessitating the usage of flexible user interface design.

The needs of users grow over time, and it is, therefore, more critical than ever to provide a high-quality user experience regardless of network access. When users are offline, they are accustomed to using native installable software. They are increasingly expecting the same from web applications that are accessed through a browser.

What is PWA? 

A progressive web app (PWA) is a web app that performs some of the same functions like a native app. This is an app made with web tools we’re all familiar with, such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, but with the look and feel of a native app. You can turn practically any website into a progressive web app with a few clever tweaks.

This means that, in comparison to a native app, a PWA may be built very quickly. You may also provide all of the functionality found in native apps, such as push notifications, offline support, and more.

 Why do you need PWA

We’ve always had native apps over the years, but the cost of developing and maintaining one’s time-consuming and expensive. Fortunately, we now have the option of creating progressive web applications, which combine the characteristics of a native app — such as native performance and offline usage — with web technology without requiring a download from an app store.

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Benefits of PWA Progressive Web Application Development

Benefits of PWA Progressive Web Application Development
  • It’s dependable and loads quickly.
  • It loads quickly and responds quickly.
  • It appears to be natural.
  • You don’t have to go through the hassle of applying to various app stores.
  • Hire Progressive Web App Developers to create using standard web technologies.
  • They are frequently less expensive to develop because you will have fewer code bases to maintain if you convert your website into an app.
  • PWAs are mobile-friendly and adapt to a variety of screen sizes.
  • PWAs are smooth, quick, and light.
  • There’s no need to give Google and Apple large sums of money.
  • Unlike your ordinary website, they work offline.
  • Search engines (which have a far broader readership than app stores) can help you find PWAs. Plus, if you choose, you can still distribute your PWAs through app stores.)
  • Push notifications can be used to re-engage users.
  • Installing a PWA can take you to higher engagement

Now that you’re clear with the Concept of what PWA is and why you need it, let’s see 

What is Vue.js?

Vue.js provides amazing Frontend Development Services, it is a progressive JavaScript framework for developing dynamic web interfaces. It’s compatible with a variety of different projects and libraries.

Why Use Vue.js for PWA Frontend Development?

Why Use Vue.js for PWA Frontend Development?

Computed PropertiesOne of the most commonly utilized features in Vue.js is computed properties. A calculated property allows you to construct properties that can be easily updated, edited, and used to show data in a readable and efficient manner.

Single File Component – Along with Vue.js Frontend Development, this Component is one of Vue.js’ most powerful features; it allows you to encapsulate reusable code by extending important HTML elements, CSS, and JavaScript.

Event Handling – The use of $emit and in Vue.js makes child and parent communication a breeze. The management of communication between component hierarchies becomes simple and painless.

Lazy Loading / Async Components – One of the best performance hacks for Vue.js is lazy loading, which allows components to be inserted and rendered asynchronously or on-demand, reducing file size, HTTP request-response time, and so on. Hire Vue.js Development Company in the USA, to get the best of it.

Testing – Vue.js has one of the most robust testing libraries, which makes unit testing using Jest and Mocha, as well as end-to-end testing with little to no configuration, a breeze.

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Vue.js has shown to be a very adaptable solution that can even be used to create a game.

It allowed us to swiftly create applications that were not just performant but also had snappy animations and a native-like experience without a lot of churns.

Adding PWA functionality was simple in general, and most of the basic PWA configuration came out of the box thanks to Vue CLI. This allowed us to concentrate on developing game features rather than pondering the best method to build a PWA.

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