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15 Reasons Why WordPress Is The Best Platform For Startups!

A startup is always better with WordPress.

WordPress is currently the most distinguished CMS, powering over 74.6 million websites. WordPress absolutely is in lead. WordPress is an outstanding website platform for a diversity of websites.

But first, let’s understand what WordPress is.

WordPress is an open-source content management system (CMS) written in PHP and paired with a MySQL or MariaDB database licensed under GPLv2. 

Years ago, WordPress was mainly used to create a blog, somewhat than more traditional websites. That didn’t remain for a long time, nonetheless. Presently, because of changes made in the core code, as well as WordPress’s tremendous ecosystem of plugins and themes, now you can even create any type of website with WordPress.

Here are some examples of what type of websites you can build with WordPress- 

  • Blog
  • E-commerce stores
  • Business websites
  • Portfolios website 
  • Resumes website 
  • Forums
  • Event website 
  • Social networks
  • Ex learning website 
  • Membership sites

Well, probably everything you can think of in the form of websites.

Why use WordPress?

WordPress development services which make it stand out of the box are and perfect for startups;

1. It is an open-source software: 

WordPress is a free and open-source platform that helps to their restricted budget. WordPress is free for everyone to use. You can build multiple websites as you want with WordPress. Additionally, the users also get access to all free updates and a load of free themes and plugins in the WordPress directory. Though it is an open-source software you may need to pay for expenses like domain name, hosting, extra customization, etc. are attached to running a website.

2. It is easy to use:

WordPress is spontaneous and easy to use. the WordPress platform is entirely user-friendly, intuitive, and easy to use in every aspect. When described the other alternatives of CMS, WordPress is easy to use.

WordPress is best known for its well-known “5-Minute Install.” This service ensures that you don’t have to go for full-scale development, The backend dashboard of WordPress allows you to access everything ranging from creating new pages and posts, to changing the comment rules and so much beyond. And even if things get complicated you can always hire WordPress developer or consultant to guide you through.

3. It is scalable:

WordPress With the right infrastructure, services, and resources, WordPress websites are highly scalable. you can always scale up a website on WordPress as per your prerequisites, and with as many plugins as you want.

The scalability potential provided by WordPress is the same regardless of your slot. Whether you are operating a news blog, a definitive business website, or a membership site, you can always count on WordPress to remain effective as your brand accumulates. 

4. It is search engine optimization friendly:

Search engine optimization is used so that your website can easily be tracked by Google, which happens to be very important if you are a startup. The WordPress architecture comes with SEO-friendly features right from installation.  

With WordPress, it becomes easier for startups to draw in more leads, more traffic, and eventually, that helps to expedite profits and revenues.

5. It is quintessence for all kinds of websites:

A lot of people think that WordPress is only for bloggers. But that’s no longer the truth. WordPress might have started the journey as an arena for blogging, but it has been renovated over the years and has become an excellent solution for constructing any kind of website. The blog functionality can be an added advantage for the websites. But with WordPress, you can build a website whether it is a corporate website, portfolio website, online shop, hotel website, membership website, e-learning website, eCommerce website development and so much more.

6. It is responsive & mobile-friendly:

It’s a mobile-oriented world. So it becomes important that your website needs to be mobile-friendly as well. mobile-friendly WordPress sites are the new norm.

The core of WordPress software is entirely mobile-optimized, and most of the themes in the market today are designed to be responsive from scratch. With any of them, 

so you don’t have to stress about the size of the screen anymore, your website will automatically resize itself to fit on any display. 

7. It is easily customizable & flexible:

The absolute best thing about WordPress is how flexible it is. Another incredible thing about WordPress is that it comes loaded with all kinds of JavaScript libraries, constituting jQuery. each theme on WordPress comes with some built-in customization characteristics.

Some of these themes are honestly very easier to customize, while some premium themes come with built-in drop and drag features, which are equally easy to customize. It also gives you the power to change the source of those libraries according to your requirements.

8. It is loaded with amazing themes & plugins:

There are thousands of themes and plugins accessible to WordPress. Nevertheless, for any type of website you are thinking to develop, there is a WordPress theme development waiting for you, already.

The WordPress plugin is a warehouse that includes more than imaginable plugins, accessible for various uses, outbreaks, and functionalities. A startup can add the required functionality easily just by downloading and installing the plugin.

9. It is safe & secure:

Yes, WordPress is safe and secure, In the current online environment, cyber-security is one of the hot topics. businesses these days want to ensure that their website is protected against any hazards of hackers. As these days hackers are always looking to hack it, Knowing that, how hackers would be a little hard on cracking the site, WordPress has taken additional security measures, and to prevent any hacker attacks and to keep it secure and safe, it constantly updates its software.

10. It comes with easy updates:

WordPress has an intuitive update feature since the release of version 3.7. This means, your site is constantly in the loop whenever a widespread update happens your site is automatically updated, This makes management of your WordPress website a picnic. And it also keeps your site safe, fresh, and up to date with every new tech stack.

11. It is ideal for an eCommerce platform:

Word makes it easier for you to expand more eCommerce-friendly plugins, which will help renovate your site into an all-out digital store. Some main plugins available for eCommerce in WordPress are- WooCommerece, EasyDigitalDownload, WP eCommerce, and Shopify, which can be initiated to impel your profit and revenue perimeters.

12. It offers smooth social media integration: 

WordPress helps your site with its smooth integration on social media, so you can instantly attach your social media accounts to your website. This redeems you the stress of having to log into the various platforms to post content after it Is already been released on your website. WordPress makes it manageable for your site visitors to share your content. 

13. It allows you to create quality UI:

WordPress provides an enriched experience of the excellent user interface, WordPress allows you to develop a sterile, easy-to-use interface that can be comprehended by anyone. This secures you, that you don’t have to stress about losing visitors because of an ineffective user interface.

14. It is highly reliable:

When it comes to commencing a website, WordPress is greatly reliable, being an open-source project, it’s nearly almost free from bugs and exploits.

WordPress obtains safe web technologies like PHP, JavaScript, SQL, etc. Such reliability ascertains that WordPress will stay would solid in the long run, with sensational features, exciting themes, and amazing plugins.

15. Requires no coding skills:

If you’re not familiar with much coding, worry not as WordPress simplifies the website creation procedure by eliminating the need to get involved with even the simplest of HTML codes. You just have to download the theme or plugin of your choice, or which you like to use, activate it, and the job is done, you can start with your website.

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Wrapping up:

Having a well-managed website is a very essential asset for startups. For any startup or small business that wants to have its own website, WordPress is an incredible solution for building a robust web presence without stooping too much time and resources into the procedure. And All the reasons listed above should give you adequate reasons to choose WordPress for your startup website. 

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