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The rapid technological advancement has brought a paradigm shift in the way the banking operations are being carried out. Furthermore, it has resulted in improved services and building long-term customer relationships. This shift has been credited by fintech software solutions which has made financial services more accessible to the people.

ThinkStart develops a Fintech software for financial services, investing services, mobile banking, cryptocurrency etc for startups to established financial institutions and credit unions. With our fintech solutions, we offer a branchless banking system to users in just a few clicks. We provide a secure and scalable trading platform for traders and investors that facilitates online trading on real-time basis. Our fintech solutions comes with an inbuilt payment system software like PayPal and Stripe which ensure the free-flow of money and currency exchange in the capital market.

Our Fintech Solution benefits

  • Branchless Banking
  • Improved Customer relationships
  • Enhanced financial services
  • Applied processes, products and business models
  • User-friendly interface
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