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A highly responsive and customized design layout for an induced user experience

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At ThinkStart, we provide end to end solutions in developing websites or applications suiting to your business requirements.The ThinkStart consists of a set of developers who are highly trained and expert in using web technologies like CSS, HTML, DOM, etc to design and build sites that provide an amazing experience to the users.

By employing the latest tools and technologies, our expert team design sites according to the client-side requirements where user can see and interact with them directly. We architect sites and develop information in a format which is easy to read and relevant to the users.

Our Technological Framework

  • HTML5
  • CSS
  • JavaScript
  • AJAX
  • PHP
  • SQL

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Why ThinkStart for your front-end development needs?

We design a fully-featured website that consist of the following functionalities:

Customized Design
By creating the visual front end, we customize the look and feel of the website according to the specific requirements

Advanced Technologies
Our Designers are equipped with the latest development tools and proficient in using programming languages such as HTML and CSS

By creating a responsive web design using CSS, the site comes up well in browsers on all the devices

Responsive Design
We develop sites that functions well on all cross platforms with varying screen sizes and resolutions

Testing and Debugging
The programmer ensures that the site is free of errors and performs well on all the devices

We provide an alluring Graphical user interface by using bootstrap that help abstract common elements into reusable modules

Director of Business Development
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(Director of Business Development & Project management)
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