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Since the inception of net banking, the banking industry has seen rapid growth in user engagement and revenue generation.The online banking has made people’s lives comparatively easier by facilitating the ease of payment at the user’s convenience. From processing of transactions to fulfilment of cheques, people no longer have to stand in queues to wait for their turns and waste their precious time.

The mobile apps have proved to be useful over the last years and will continue to develop and rationalize the business processes. We at ThinkStart, build such applications that help streamline the banking industry operations and services. By using technologies like cloud, Big Data, AI and IoT etc, we offer application development services to the banking and financial industry including public and private sector banks

Why ThinkStart for your banking & financial Development Solutions?

Transform the banking services with our secure, intuitive and easy to use apps
The Banking apps offer some of the following prominent features to its interactive users:

  • Convenience of time
  • Hassle free transactions
  • Easy transfers
  • IOT Chatbots
  • Ease of access
  • Payment Gateway integration

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Banking & Financial Application Features

Personalized Services
By understanding the customer preferences, banks can render special services to them which results in retaining the customers

Push Notifications
Through push notifications, banks can remind the customers from time-to-time about the new offers, discounts and credit updates

24X7 Services
The customers are provided round the clock services so that they can process transactions and make payments anytime, anywhere

Enhanced Security
The application features comes with special hardware security and SSL encryption which prevents unauthorized access to spam any account

Artificial Intelligence
The AI includes machine learning, machine analytics, natural language processing and delivers performance, speed and security without any human intervention

Increased returns, Low costs
With increasing customer engagement, banks have reduced the manual paperwork which results in reduced operating costs and increased returns

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