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With the development of mobile apps, the media industry has seen rapid growth in user engagement and has gained a huge customer following With the upcoming trends in the media industry, there is a growing demand for apps which drives extensive growth and ensures a great user experience. The expert team at ThinkStart embrace new technologies and are highly adept in building innovative media and entertainment solutions to grow your business. We provide you with the best development apps that function across myriad devices like smartphones, smart speakers enabling users to be virtually online anywhere anytime. Our development team provides a broad gamut of services ranging from production, distribution, broadcasting to building delivery platforms and remodeling entertainment offerings.

Media & Entertainment Applications

  1. Music Apps
  1. Sports Apps
  1. Gaming Apps
  1. Live Streaming
  1. News App

Media & Entertainment Development Solutions

We offer the following range of media and entertainment development solutions to our clients:

  • Real time updates on news & information
  • In app purchasing
  • Customized Push Notifications
  • Audio & Video Functionality
  • Text & GPS based services
  • Active Interaction over Social Media

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Media & Entertainment Application Features

We provide media & entertainment solutions which characterize the following features functioning across multiple platforms:

Our expert team is expertized in building apps which are high in performing and ensures the apps are free from buffering, transaction delays and slow loadings.

Social Media Engagement
With app notifications which allow users to get live updates and new information quickly as well as attracting new users with likes, comments and shares.

Independent functioning
By ensuring the smooth running of applications across various devices and browsers with high accessibility and user penetration.

Future Growth
With increased mobility, virtual reality and augmented reality, we are all set to make the entertainment services more participative and user-engaging.

Content Flow
Users can easily access the content flow of particulars like articles, blogs, tips, videos, posters etc with push messages.

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